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11 Things About Me | TAG

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello my lovely viewers.
Fuyyyohhh! Gila lama I tak update blog ni. Almost three months or more than that maybe. So here we go, Q&A Session with artist lol. Actually I got tagged by Whoopers Family. Memandangkan I dah lama tak update blog and now I ada masa terluang \even penat gila balik kerja tadi omg/ so marilah mari menjawab kesemuanya. Sorry kalau ada yang I tak jawab tag you. Maybe I tak perasan yang you ada tag I so sila sila la inform me okay my dear.

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1.Birth name Zurliana binti Nasaruddin @ Ismail Shah
2.Love to read and write but quite busy for a time being.
3.Married? Not yet lol.
4.Liverpool die hard supporter
5.One OK Rock ♥
6.Addicted with melodrama
7.Universal music listener
8.Obsess with purple
9.Lazy ass lol.
10. Triple S | Primadonna | ST☆RLIGHT | Mercury
11.정택운 ♥

1. Pernah pergi concert? Concert siapa? List it. And list 3 concert that you wanna go.
Sorry to say la my dear. Unnie tak mampu nak list every concert that I'd attend since then. Non k-idols concert terkecuali ke macam mana ni haha. Tapi sekarang memang ada concert that I really wanna go. Oh god please, I'm begging you sobs. One OK Rock Europe/Asia Tour.

2.Favourite song at the moment
OMG just listen to it right now. C.H.A.O.S.M.Y.T.H by One OK Rock. Never listen to that song huh? What a sad life, so get your life lol joke.

3.Kdrama/Kmovie 's ending yang paling diingati
Actually banyak la sayang oi. Sebab unnie ni kan drama and movie lover especially Korean one. But the most remembered ending drama was the Innocent Man. I really love that scene when Kang Maru propose Seo Eungi even his brain still not recovered yet. And do not miss out the ending of Missing You \melodrama lover here teheeee/ yang sememangnya I tak berapa nak suka ending tu but still I was satisfied with it. For the kmovie pula, \omg banyak gila most remembered ni/ ermmm not quite sure so letak movie Our Happy Time \tak ingat tajuk Korean dia/ sebab cerita tu sad ending maaaa. The story is about the prisoner with a dead sentence and at the end, that guy had been punished and he died sobs sobs.

4.Ada haiwan peliharaan?
No, I don't have any. Sorry for that.

5.First word yang terlintas bila dengar 'Super Junior'?
SUPERMAN bam bababam babam bam bababam babam HAHAHAHA

6.Least favourite kpop group?
I'm not really sure about this. Kbye lol.

7.Fav subject at school?
No school-ing anymore la my dear haha. But then I love English subject teheeeeee.

8.Hug/Kiss. Choose one the most romantic for you.
Eheeemm romantic lol. Hug is warm but kiss is passion nyahaha can I choose both lol joke. I prefer hug but it should be a backhug to make it the most romantic ngeee.

9.Have a crush? Apa yang paling menarik tentang crush anda? 
I don't have any. Have no time for this la sobs.

10.Tell me something about you that not many people know.
Actually I don't like to fart in front of other person even he/she is my bestfriend hahahahha. Don't ask me for the reason huh lol.

11.Most embarrasing moment?
Errr not remember a thing la. Senang cerita, unnie memang muka tak malu so no embarrased momment. Hahahah boleh gitu? 

1.Who is your current bias? Why?
Taka from One OK Rock hahahah. To be honest memang ada ramai \dah tak setia dah omg/ haha but the first one still my Hoonie Honey the Honey Bunny lol faham ke? Tapi dia sakai sebab dia suka flirt with the girls. But I still got my Woonie Winky Jung Taekwoon from VIXX aherherher. The most handsome guy on the earth okay tipu. Kyu pula simpan dalam freezer je sebab dia tengah berkhidmat untuk negara. The reasons why I love him? Because of the voice and the face la haiyooo obvious maa hahaha.

2.Tinggi awak berapa?
Wahh soalan celup emas ni lol. Not sure la sebab memang dah lama tak ukur tapi dalam plus minus 170cm la. So far kat tempat kerja memang I dalam kategori the tallest la dalam office tu. Maklumlah semuanya perempuan lol. Genit je mereka heee.

3.Your phone ringtone?
Well I love this question; Train - 50 ways to say goodbye cover by Lunafly ♥ 

4.Who is your favourite rapper and why?
U-Know Yunho nyahaha.  And I don't have any reason for that kekeke. And I would like to add Wu Yiifan in the list because I do love him. Obviously the reasons just because of their voice and face lol.

5.The song that always playing in your head?
I love this song by the way; Cinta dan Benci by Geisha. Maybe sebab my mum always watch that Binar Bening Berlian everyday dan lagu tu pula OST dia. Memang tak la kalau lagu tu tak melekat kat kepala ni kan.

6.How many siblings that you have and you are?
Ada lima adik-beradik and I am the eldest one ._. Awkward question lol.

7.Sexy or cute concept?
Sorry to say but I love sexy seriousssslyyyy. No need to be the cute cute la haiyooo hahaha. That's why I love VIXX because they are pretty sexy kekeke.

8.Your favourite food?
Entah la kan. Susah gila soalan ni haha. Nasi lemak yang my mum masak (?) hahahah tak tahu la sebab macam banyak je lol.

9.Your mom's delicious dish/meal?
Semua yang my mum masak shedarrrppp haha. But I love her masak lemak cili kering with ikan masin and nenas. Yang ikan masin tu memang tak makan la so just makan nenas dengan kuah je. Kalau orang lain yang masak memang sorry to say la sebab tak mungkin sama rasa dia tu. Tapi kalau masak yang sambal-sambal ke kan, memang la sedap tapi eden punya sambal lagi best kot haha.

10.Have a crush?
Sorry to say, strictly NO.

11.Pandai masak? Masak apa?
Hahahaha soalan apakah ini? Kalau tak pandai memang mati jiwa la dah tua bangka tak pandai masak lol. My best dishes are everything that related with sambal even sambal telur okay haha. I love to make a dessert and the best when making a western foods teheeee.

1.The best moment with your bestfriend?
Sorry, memang tak pandai la nak jawab soalan yang best/precious moment ni TT-TT but every moment is the best moment right lol.

2.Your fav group?
Is it for kpop? SS501 FTISLAND VIXX SPICA and ONE OK ROCK for the jrock jyeahh. Sorry jawab lebih sebab dalam soalan minta group je tapi unnie jawab melambak puleeeekkk.

3.Your bias in VIXX? Tell me the reason.
Nyahahahhaa obviously Jung Taekwoon ♥ and I don't need a reason to fall in love with him lol. You can read it at the previous previous answers haha.

4.Who is your favorite girl group?
Banyak la sebenarnya tapi tapi yang the most love one is SPICA

5.Your favorite moment with your crush? // Kalau ada lah.
I don't know. Sorry sorry sorry my dear.

6.Your fav ballad song? 
There's a lot. Gray Paper by Yesung \my Yeye oppa muahmuahh♥/ I Need You by Kim Sunggyu \oh my gyugyu/ Blind by TRAX, Broke Up Today by Younha, Made Yet Another Woman Cry by 2BiC \I cried when I watched this MV/ and Can I Love You by Yurisangja. Banyak lagi la tapi tak cukup tangan nak list cewaahh.

7.Blog siapa yang paling cantik?
Soalan gila mencabar minda ni. Sebab dah lama sangat tak blogwalking, susah nak jawab hahaha. Ala secantik mana pun blog orang lain, tentu tentu tak boleh lawan blog Wana Wano alahai. She's the best jyeahh.

8.Dalam banyak-banyak collection album anda. Mana yang paling anda suka?
Kalau tak suka saya tak beli sayang oi. Suka semua boleh tak haha. 

9.Negara yang paling ingin di lawati? Nyatakan sebab.
Japan sebab memang dari dahulu kala lagi nak pergi Japan. Omgosh kalau dapat pergi Jepun memang confirm boleh terjun gaung la \died because of the happiness haha/ tapi rugi je mati sebab tak dapat nak berlagak dengan orang lain lol.

10.Apa lagu Kpop yang pertama di dengar?
Tak ingat la sebab dah lama sangat dah. 2005 2006 kot. Masa lagu tu keluar dekat 8tv. Maklum la 8tv kan suka keluar kan MV pelbagai rasa hahaahaa. Tapi tak berapa nak feeling pun dengar lagu kpop masa tu sebab addicted to jrock and jpop sangat sangat sangat ngeee.

11.What is the most amazing moment with your mom?
Shopping la brader haha. Sebab my mum will swap her credit card for me okay joke. Every moment is the most amazing one la sebab my mum is the best mum on the earth and the after earth kekeke.

1.Apa reaksi korang bila bias korang dating dengan penyanyi atau pelakon yang korang minat ?   
I don't have any idea. Kena tengok dulu pairing tu baru tahu apa perasaannya lol.

2.Macam mana nak handle haters/antis?
Slap their face hahahahha. Just let them be la. Lama-lama senyap lah mereka tu nyahaha.

3.Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Mana satu disukai and why?
Sorry my dear, I love instagram more than everything haha. Maaf kerana tidak menjawab soalan anda, sekian terima kasih.

4.iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony, Nokia and Motorola. Which one do you thing the best?
Obviously iPhone la aherherher. Sorry Blackberry because you irritating me lol.

5.Kalau korang ade peluang debut sebagai artis, company mana pilihan korang?
Jellyfish Entertainment hahahhaa. Kesian FNC kena sisih dengan aku \gelak jahat sambil baling gitar dekat kepala Jonghoon/

6.Prefer Band Group or Dance Group?
Band la brader baru rock nama dia hahaha. Agak la kan nak berjoget bagai ni sroooots.

7.Kalau korang dalam satu group, ape position yang korang nak (Leader, Main Vocalist, Face of the group, Main Rapper, Main Dancer and Maknae)
Nak jadi main vocal boleh? Sebab suara I memang shedaaarrpp pun hahahahhahaha.

8.Subjek apa dekat sekolah yang korang rasa tak patut wujud?
Assembly lol. Adakah itu satu subjek? Sebab ianya wujud dalam class timetable. I hate assembly for real la weyh.

9.Big Fandom of ? List it.

10.Precious Moment yang korang memang takkan lupa?
Not really sure la sayang oi. I am so sorry.

11.Sakit hati tak jawab soalan eden ni? =='
Tak pun hahaha.

1.What are you doing right now?
2.Did you love any rock band?
3.Are you an English song listener?
4.Suggest one of the best movie that you ever watched.
5.Love any ballad song? State the reasons either you love it or not.
6.How far did you know about FTISLAND?
7.Ever heard about AOA? Talk about it briefly please.
8.Did you watch Running Man? Which episode did you like most?
9.Your ideal life partner are? State the characteristic please.
10.State the best type of music show in Korea.
11.How much did you know about me?

Gyuri | Dayah | Nana | Wana | Jojo | Eisya | Seri | Alia | Fyra | Lina | Annie | Sorry tak letak link because imma lazy ass

p/s - Sorry sebab tukar bentuk soalan you guys. Malas nak type panjang-panjang.


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