Friday, December 30, 2011

First Wallpaper Ever

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello my lovely readers :)
Sorry for not updating any entry this meanwhile.
I have start my new semester and getting busy.
By the way, I'd make this one due on Apis's request.
Actually this is my first time on making wallpaper. Before this I just had produce some simple poster for any Fan Fiction and also some poster for birthday wishes. I do not have any idea on make any wallpaper until Apis ask me for make this one for him. So why not I do try for something new right. And this is what I manage to do. Hope he'll like it.
By the way, I do not mind if you want me to do any wallpaper or poster for you. Just simply click "Request" on menu bar and do request over there if you want me to make one. 
And for request any poster of your fan fiction, just go through Whoopers Poster Shop.
*I'd edit this post just to insert my second wallpaper.
This one is for my lovely Jojo. Hope she'll like it :)

See you guys next entry ByeBye
Fan Fiction for Untouchable Memory had been publish and already reached second chapter. Like always, it's in Malay. Feel free to read it if you want.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Heart Broken Into A Pieces

Hello my lovely pretties and handsome ♥
Actually I don't want to make this post.
But seriously I can't hold it anymore.
Just consider this entry as my heart's talks.
Don't trust too much. Don't love too much. Don't hope too much. Because that too much will hurt you so much.
Err.. I don't know what am I gonna type here. Just wanna post something that can make me feel good. Maybe he'll read this and got my feeling right now. You know that I'm not the one who love to post about cintan cinton lovey dovey about my boyfie right. Errr I should not call him my boyfie anymore. I knew that he's cheating me on my back. Urghh. My heart was seriously injured and need some operation. It need an intensive care unit right now. Iss was right, I suppose to hear him. Single is the best. Much better. Should I consider myself as a single already? I do not know. Maybe I am the person who did wrong here.
The scariest things about distance is that you don't know whether they will miss you or forget you
Maybe I really did wrong. I knew that he's far away from me, it's hard for him to spend his time for me. I am always the one who ignoring his call even he's always trying make his time for me. He's always busy. I should get it since we start our relationship then. But what am I doing? When he's calling me, I didn't pick up the call because I'd got something to do on that time. Err and I should give him a call back after that but I am not doing it. Am I not serious with him? Am I? Erghh I don't know. He's texting me and I used to reply with the only letter like 'k'. What am I doing actually? Then he's really thought that I'm not serious with our relationship while I think that I am serious. Come on dude, I hate being controlled by other person.
Apologizing does not always mean that you're wrong and the other person is right. It just mean that you value your relationship more than your ego
I knew that I am doing wrong. But I didn't ask for his forgiveness, I never apologize to him. When he's did wrong, I'll talk about it. That's my fault. I admit it. I knew that I am suppose to considering everything. Everything about us. Age range, distance, thinking, it's really messing me. Even there's someone told that one person will complete another person's life. Naaahhh, do I care about it. For me, compatibility suit me best. And I don't feel it with him. Sorry. It was my mistake.
Sometimes it takes a while for people to move on, because it hurts too much. But sometimes those who say they've moved on really haven't Because they don't want to get hurt again. They don't want to feel vulnerable.
I am that kind of person. I don't want to get hurt again. He'd ask me to change, and I'd changed it. Even I know that I'm not totally change. I love to do everything on my own. With my own willingness. Perhaps, he already sick of me now. And people do change. Like me, and he also change without I notice it. I feel that he's going far away from me.
When someone walks out of your life, they are giving you the sign there is someone better to be in your life.
I am doing it right now. I had walks out of his life. Hoping that he'll happy even without me. Happy with his new 'her' that used to hurt me. He may thought that I know nothing about her. But I'm not a fool who'll only looking at it and keep silent. Maybe he found her something precious than me. Who knows.
The part that hurts me the most, is knowing that I once had you and then lost you
Thanks for your existence. Thanks for being yourself when you're with me. If you want me to let you go, I'll let you go with full of my heart. I am really willing this. I'll pray on your happiness. Keep smiling for your life. I'll keep looking on you from here. You'd feel pain and hurt a lot because of me. Sorry for that. My love feeling had shade away. I don't have any kind of love feeling right now. I should let you go than keep you by my side without loving you. It's heartless. I'm not that cruel. Let's start our new life. Take this as our gift for new year celebration. Close your eyes and just think it as a dream. Live your life with full of bliss.
Life is like a party. You invite a lot of people. Some go, some join you, some laugh with you, some didn't come. But in the end, after the fun, there would be a few who would clean up the mess with you. And most of the time, those were the uninvited ones.
I've got something here. I learn something new. Thanks for those were the uninvited ones. I used to forgot about them. When I am happy with someone else, I forgot my most precious friends that used to be with me all this time. Cheering me, supporting me, keep me on smiling, they're my most precious things in my life. But I'd used to forgot them. Sorry guys, I know that both of you thought that I'd forgetting you. Do forgive me please. And thanks for making me smile.

Till then ByeBye

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Announcement | One-Shot Fan Fiction & WPS

Hello my lovely babes and dudes :)
Wahai semua penduduk Blogger, dengar sini ketua kampung nak announce something >< Hehehe. Actually I just nak inform yang fan fiction for one-shot tu dah siap and dah publish dah pun. Ceritanya berunsur comedy.  Kalau nak baca, boleh la klik >sini< Tak tahu la best ke tak because this is my first time writing on comedy story. Hope you'll like it. And like always, cerita tu in Malay. 
Haaa, another one announcement. Kan I ada inform earlier about Whoopers Poster Shop (WPS) kat post sebelum sebelum ni kan. We all ada buat rules baru. Check it out first properly before make an order. But please, do order using form provided for those who having AsianFanFics account. Yang tak ada boleh request via e-mail. Jangan nak semakkan kotak jerit I pula. Sebarang order yang dibuat selain di e-mail ataupun di WPS tu tidak akan dilayan.
Terima Kasih Daun Keladi.
By the way, ini salah satu hasil kerja untuk requester. This one is by me. Actually requester buat cerita genre comedy romance. But I tak tahu nak letak unsur comedy tu macam mana. Tak reti nak mix comedy dengan romance la. Aaaaaaaa~ I had done my best for it.
Till then ByeBye


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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #19 | Yellowish RM20

Hello my lovely readers.
Wednesday almost over but I still wanna post this one.

Image Credit to Sinar Harian
Bank Negara Malaysia had launch new look of RM1, RM5, RM10 and RM100 paper not. It'll be used starting on next July. And the most important here is RM20 now reborn with yellow colour >< 
See you guys next entry ByeBye

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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hello my lovely readers.
Here I would like to announce that Whoopers have open an online poster shop using an AsianFanFics account. 
What it is? What is Poster Shop? Okay, for an online novelist that love to write some sad, horror, romance or any kinds of story but do not know how to create the cover or poster for their story, you may request and order it from us. Yes, we will make it for you. FOC! Free of charge without taking any cents from you.
But please, you have to follow some rules that already describe over there. Not really strict but just a simple one for us and you too. Do subscribe for sure. If you do not have any AsianFanFics account, you may request from us via email.
We will entertain you nicely if you doing the same. But please, no harsh words are allowed ☺

For more information, seek our shop >here<

By the way, my Fan Fiction for Cinta Dua Dunia already complete. 
You may read it >here<

See you guys next entry ByeBye

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Make It Trend | FT Island's Jaejin

Annyeong haseyo 
Hello my lovely primadonna
Image: Credit goes to owner ><
If you are one of Primadonna, 
for sure you'll know what day is this December 17 right.
It is our Jinnie birthday ><
Like always, we will be trending something on that day. Here I would like to share some information about Saico021Day. I took this from other primadonna tweet. On the same time, Malaysia Fan Base also tweet about it.
(English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, EspaƱol, Germany, Arabic)

In conjunction with Jaejin's birthday, we will be changing our twitter display picture to ( at 12am KST on 17.12.11. At the same time, we will be trending 'Saico021Day' :)
The trending will be at 12am kst and 9pm kst.
The display picture project will be going on for the whole of 17th december ^^

Wouldn't it be cute if everyone were to have the same display picture and wishing him a happy birthday? So i hope everyone can participate! if you have any enquiries, you can mention @jaefinity, @saicogirl011 or @jaejinfacts

credit: J♥MIE (@jaefinity) 
Because of Malaysian's Primadonna love to use English, there's no Malay Language available for this project -.- 
Hope you will trending it too. Our Jinnie is growing up more maturely now >< Still wondering what will I give to him as birthday present. Either fan video or just a picture with some wishes. Lemme think about it again. 
Can not wait for this December 17
Till then ByeBye

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Happy Saico021 Day

Annyeong haseyo
Hello my lovely readers :)
It's Saico Day
Saengil Chupka Hamnida Lee Jae Jin
You had grew up maturely this several years. Hope you'll become more mature and handsome since now on okay my lovely treasure Keep fighting with your stubborn hyung and cutie maknae (FT Island's members). I'll always support all of you. Keep on fighting! FT Island go go go! Primadonna will always there by your side wherever and whenever you go. Just keep that on your mind. Lovely Jinnie ♥ SARANGHAE!
I'd specially made this for our Jinnie
And here my special present for Jinnie's Birthday
To the most lovely, adorable, cute and handsome goat in the world, thanks for giving us (Primadonna) lot of nice music, thanks because sharing your talent with us and thanks for being the real you. 

See you guys next entry ByeBye

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #18 | New Cover and Spoiler

Hello my lovely viewers :)
Wednesday come again ><
Another own artwork.
This one is for my last two chapter.
You can read the spoiler >here<

See you guys next entry ByeBye


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Thursday, December 8, 2011

K-POP Addicted Sometimes Makes People Look Scary

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely viewers.
Baru-baru ni ada seorang remaja yang telah menjadi mangsa pengguna internet dan dijadikan bahan troll (Tak tahu apa itu troll? Semak >sini< okay) di laman sesawang blogger. Sebuah blog diwujudkan hanya untuk mengutuk k-pop. Kutuk? Tak adalah sampai betul-betul mengutuk. Cuma sekadar menyatakan bahawa k-pop tu tak semegah mana jika hendak dibandingkan dengan dirinya. 
Pada awalnya, siapa menyangka komen mengenai entry yang sekadar tiga empat baris ayat itu boleh mencecah ribuan komen. Sumpah yang ini memang I sendiri cemburu. Komen I tak pernah jejak ratusan pun *pity me*. Tapi adakah peminat kepada k-pop yang bashing di kotak komen itu salah? Okay, I admit that penggunaan bahasa memainkan peranan. Sesetengah orang memang tak reti mengawal bahasa yang mereka guna. Ada yang sampai menggunakan pelbagai jenis makian serta carut-marut di komen blog berkenaan. Tapi bila ada khabar angin yang mendakwa pakcik kepada budak yang menjadi mangsa troll itu ingin mengheret tukang komen ke balai polis sama, ia sangatlah tidak logik.
Siapa yang salah di sini? Adakah tukang komen? Ataupun faker yang mewujudkan blog berkenaan? Apa tujuan blog itu diwujudkan? Bila I dapat tahu yang budak ni telah pun dijadikan bahan troll, seriously I feel pity on her. Macam mana kalau I or any of my family members jadi mangsa macam budak ni kena, for sure I akan pressure. I knew that budak tu akan rasa yang sama. Yalah, siapa yang tak down bila ada orang tak kenal bashing kita tak tentu hala sedangkan kita tak buat pun benda tu. Sekarang ni penggunaan internet sangat meluas sehinggakan mereka yang berusia sekitar 6-7 tahun sudah mempunyai akaun Facebook serta Twitter.
So k-poppers, please jangan menunjukkan perilaku kurang sopan serta bahasa anda yang sangat penuh dengan carutan itu kerana pada masa yang sama k-poppers lain akan turut terkena tempiasnya. Bukan k-poppers sahaja. Kesemua para peminat segala artis pun sama. Sebagai contoh, bila ada artis yang dijadikan idola mereka dikutuk, serta-merta tanpa rasa ragu dan yakinnya mereka akan segera memenuhi kotak komen dengan bahasa yang kurang menyenangkan. Tambahan pula ada yang sanggup komen untuk berbunuhan hanya kerana untuk membela artis tersebut.
Okay, let's think rationally. Bila kita bersungguh-sungguh membela artis tersebut, \segala artis dalam muka bumi ni terlibat/ adakah artis yang dibela tu tahu bahawa kita ni dengan bangganya membela dia? Sudah tentu tidak. Jadi untuk apa kita nak berbangga dengan apa yang telah kita lakukan. Bahananya di sini bila you all dah komen tanpa fikir apa yang akan terjadi lepas tu. First dosa memang la bertambah sebab dah mencarut. I malas nak ambil kisah tentang dosa you sebab I sendiri dah berbakul dosa gamaknya. Second, orang melayu sendiri dah kelihatan dengan jelasnya kurang pengetahuan dari segi bahasa dan juga sivik sedangkan parents dah habis duit hantar you all pergi sekolah since tadika lagi. Then perpecahan mulalah berlaku. Yang si A nak bela diri dengan kutuk-mengutuk, si B pun berbalas kutuk-mengutuk tanpa rasa bersalah. Mana hilangnya perpaduan dan ukhuwah kita? Ini ke orang Melayu? Suka bergaduh sesama sendiri? 
I bukan nak cakap yang I ni bagus sangat tak pernah bergaduh dengan sesama kaum. Tu lain cerita. Yang ni lain cerita. Please la kan. Takkan kerana seseorang itu tak berminat dengan k-pop, kita nak pergi maki dia. Biarlah, minat masing-masing. Just suruh dia respect other interest tu dah cukup. I pun k-poppers juga. Bila sesetengah k-poppers pergi bashing mana-mana blog owner yang kutuk k-pop ni, mesti orang akan anggap yang k-pop ni bahaya sampai boleh buat budak-budak jadi gila. 
Ada yang cakap k-pop tu boleh meruntuhkan akhlak, buat budak jadi tak tentu hala, ada yang sanggup bermatian serta berbunuhan, ada juga yang cakap k-pop ni membuatkan akidah terpesong. Tapi apa puncanya? K-pop tu hanya hiburan semata-mata. Bila ada k-poppers yang macam disenaraikan tu, secara automatik k-poppers yang lain akan terlibat sama. Bukan semua k-poppers tu obses sampai jadi gila, hilang kewarasan, sanggup berbunuhan segala bagai. Come on la! Wake up guys! Berpijak pada dunia yang nyata. Tak salah kalau nak minat artis tak kisahlah artis tu Bieber ke Faizal Tahir ke Hrithik Roshan ke Ziana Zain ke Rain ke semua semua artis la. Tak kisah nak minat sampai cakap I love you apa semua. Tapi jangan jadi hilang akal sebab mereka. Sebabnya? Haaaa sebab mereka mereka tu tak tahu pun yang kita ni wujud dan menggilai mereka setengah mati. 
Ada juga yang bising-bising bila k-poppers sanggup menghabiskan duit ratusan ringgit semata-mata untuk menghadiri konsert k-pop tu. Biarlah, bukan ke tu hak mereka. Duit yang diorang guna tu bukannya duit awak cik adik cik abang cik akak oi. Beliebers pergi konsert Justin Bieber you all tak nak kecoh pula kan. Mungkin sebab k-pop sedang dianggap sebagai trend sekarang ni. K-poppers beli goodies segala bagai yang berkaitan k-pop tu pun sebab minat. Macam yang I dah bagitahu tadi, minat setiap orang tu berbeza. Kalau semua orang minat benda yang sama, mesti la bosan bila pusing-pusing asyik benda tu je. 
Kepada orang yang menghina k-pop tu, henti-henti la buat macam tu. Kenapa mesti kutuk-mengutuk? Kalau betul tak suka, bagilah pendapat secara berasas. Contohnya, aku tak suka Najwa Latif sebab dia nyanyi lagu mengarut sampai boleh masuk final Juara Lagu padahal lagu dia setakat macam tu je. Itu contoh je, kang naya I kena bashing dengan peminat Najwa Latif. Haaa peminat Najwa Latif tak payah nak membela dia sangat lepas baca contoh yang I bagi. Contoh je pun. 
Bila I buka shoutbox I, ada seorang insan ni suruh I baca entry dekat sebuah blog peribadi ni. For sure that entry is about k-poppers. Tajuk entry tu terang dan nyata sangat negatif Peminat K-Pop Yang Bodoh. Okay siapa tak terasa kalau dia peminat k-pop kan. Cuba kalau tajuk tu Peminat Anuar Zain Yang Bodoh tak pun Peminat Britney Spears Yang Bodoh. Mesti you all akan terasa kalau you adalah peminatnya kan kan kan. Seriously sebenarnya penulis entry tu yang bodoh sebab buat entry macam tu. Apa yang dia cakap ada betulnya tapi tak semua. Memang la artis k-pop tu tak sunat. Sebab diorang tu non-Muslim cik abang oi. Kalau macam tu, orang yang minat Vince Akademi Fantasia tu bodoh la ya. Be matured la kalau nak menulis tu pun. Bukan semua orang kat Malaysia ni Muslim. Buatnya Chinese or Indian yang baca entry tu, tak ke terasa hati dia. 
Manusia ni memang banyak kekurangannya. Mungkin penulis tu tak terfikir pasal benda yang I cakap. Dia cuma terfikir yang mostly orang Melayu je yang baca blog dia tu. Perhaps. Who knows right. I tak salahkan dia seratus peratus. Tapi bab yang menyamakan artis k-pop dengan nabi tu memang I sangkal habis-habisan. Tak ada pula istilah nabi tu rama-rama dalam bahasa Korea. Nabi dalam bahasa Korea disebut Yeeonja. Perkataan nabi tu bukan ke bahasa Melayu. Takkan la orang Korea nak guna bahasa kita pula. Bila penyataan macam tu muncul, yang terlintas di akal fikiran I ni just err budak yang tulis ni tak ada otak ke? Bukan semua orang Korea tu non-Muslim. Ramai juga penduduknya yang menganuti agama Islam. Diorang tak ada masalah pun minat k-pop ni semua. Malahan ada yang boleh membaca al-Quran jauh lebih baik dari kita. 
So, salah ke kalau nak minat k-pop? Obviously not! Tak salah pun nak minat k-pop bagai. Benda tu hiburan je pun. Bukan ke dunia kita ada pelbagai jenis hiburan. Minat orang tak boleh dihalang. Tapi kalau nak minat tu beringat la juga. Jangan sampai pelajaran apa semua dilupakan. K-pop tu tak membantu masa depan pun. Sekadar menjadi hiburan sahaja. Entry ni sekadar untuk menyuarakan pendapat. Tiada niat untuk menjatuhkan mana-mana individu.
See you guys next entry ByeBye
Whoopers diharamkan sama sekali terlibat dalam kegiatan bashing seperti ini! Harap maklum.
K-poppers, nah layan MV baru Boyfriend

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #17 | FF Untouchable Memory

Hello my lovely babes and dudes.
Wednesday, please be nice to me ☺
Untouchable Memory FF Cover Ver. 1
Untouchable Memory FF Cover Ver. 2
Here I would like to show my just so-so artwork. Both of this will be used as the cover of my new fan fiction. The old one still ongoing and most complete, then I will release my one-shot fan fiction first. 
Character and synopsis for Untouchable Memory had been released >here<
See you guys next entry ByeBye
Can not wait for finishing Cinta Dua Dunia ☺☺☺ Nyahaha


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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Play! FT Island Concert in Malaysia

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely viewers.
Recently, I'm so lazy for updating entry and I don't know why -.-
This is how Honggi makes my Hoonie Honey dance :D 
FT Island had announced that 6 countries will be choose for their Asia Tour. Malaysia is one of it. MY Primadonna must be happy to death knowing about it right. The organizer had confirm the date and venue yesterday. Venue will be changed from Arena of Star to Stadium Negara. Yet, still in Kuala Lumpur. The date still the same, January 14. 
It is the second time they held their own concert at here but on the first time it had been canceled on the last minute because of some antis terrible mistakes, so this one will be considered as the first one. Hope FT Island will not cancel it again like a few years ago and enjoy their self here ><
As you can see on the picture above, there are four kinds of audience seat with different ticket price. Do not worry, it is below RM500 for Rock Zone. The green one is for RM468 and the cheapest one (blue colour) is only RM138. It is not really expensive if we compare it with 2PM's ticket price right.
Okay Primadonna(s), get your ticket now. Hope to hear some great news from FT Island about Malaysia and give some great moment to Primadonna
Till then. ByeBye
FT Island as Malaysia trends yesterday >< Omagaadd! 

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