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30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 14

Annyeong haseyo
Hello my loyal viewers.
Just a short update.

Day 14 - Favorite FT Island english cover
Seriously damn busy right now and I am struggling for my final exam paper but still have to update this challenges. So here we are.
Among all of their english song cover, I prefer this one more than other! Why I love to choose this one? This is because MUSE is one of Choi Jong Hoon's favourite idol and he did well on this song :) Hoonie Honeyy looks damn hot while playing instrument. 
>< Hoonie and Binnie ><
Till then ByeBye ♥

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Segmen Kami K-Poppers | Loyal Primadonna

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely readers .
Perhatian: Entry ini agak panjang.
Okay tiba-tiba rasa nak join segmen ni sebab ada gambar my treasures kat banner tu.
Actually I malas nak post rules segala bagai. Kalau you all rasa macam nak join, nah pergi baca rules kat blog penganjurnya >Nana Johari
So here we are, I will start my screaming as a Loyal Primadonna.


Rasanya semua dah tahu yang I ni gila mati sayang kat FT Island. Yaaahhh you can see them everywhere in this blog. From top to bottom, everything is all about FT Island again and again. Wanna meet them personally? 
Check this entry out. >here, here, here, here, and here
Okay banyak lagi, tak larat nak list semua. 
Nak cerita apa pasal diorang ni? Goshhh dah banyak sangat I cerita sebelum-sebelum ni. Sampai tak tahu dah nak cerita apa. Kang cerita lebih-lebih, kena cilok pula my nampyeon. So I nak bagi FT ISLAND FACTS je la kali ni. Setakat ni I ada more than 200 facts mereka yang hannsoomm tu. But I nak share sikit je. Yang mana macam logik dan rasional untuk dikongsi la ><
Thankiss Dhilah for the GIF
Absolutely MINE! Choi Jong Hoon ♥
Lepas baca fakta-fakta tu, jangan nak menggedik rembat laki aku!
  • FT Island stands for FIVE TREASURE ISLAND 
  • FT Island is a 5 member group, that debuted in 2007 with their hit song “Lovesick”. 
  • FT Island’s official fanclub name is PRIMADONNA and I am Loyal Primadonna :)
  • FT Island named their fans after one of their songs called “Primadonna” which means friends forever!
  • FT Island’s official color is sunshine yellow.
  • The members before were Lee Hongki, Choi Minhwan, Lee Jaejin, Oh Wonbin and Choi Jonghun. 
  • During the beginning of 2009, Wonbin left the group replacing Song Seunghyun as a new member.
  • FT Island has a sub group name “FT Triple”. (Jaejin, Minhwan and Jonghun)
  • FT Island members can speak basic Japanese.
  • The entire group are born in the ’90s. So their average age is pretty young. 
  • FT Island & Shinee are good friends.
  • Hongki & Jonghun played pranks on Minhwan, Seunghyun, Jaejin on their NY holiday, saying they had to be in office ASAP since Hongki came out on a bad press.
  • FT Island’s most difficult thing during Japan Zepp tour was being on a tour bus for 10 to 11 hours.
  • Hongki’s best gift from his fans is a dog; Jaejin once received an instrument that he’s been wanting to learn, Jonghun likes guitar accessories.
  • Though Hongki liked the dog (Elysia), he could not take care of her because of his busy schedule that is why he always ask Seunghyun to clean after her.
  • The boys feel the policy banning Japan Pris from giving luxury gifts is kind of unnecessary.
  • FT Island revealed to the question who is like mom or dad on the group but they just answered the are like brothers in the group. No mother or father figures.
  • Sometimes Hongki gives out his clothes (sponsored clothes) and members & manager would line up to ask some. Once Minhwan only wore pass-down pants from Hongki for 6 months.
  • FT Island wishes to do a camp with 150 to 200 fans for 1N 2D.
  • FT Island members mostly watch movies on DVD and play PSP to entertain ourselves during tour.
  • FT Island studied Japanese language by watching dramas.
  • Hongki & Jonghun LOVES shopping around. Let's shopping togetha
  • During their Japan debut, Hongki remembers a Japanese fan in pink cospre and Korean fans who follow to support them anywhere they go.
  • Hongki wants to take Minhwan since he would never let him starve since he can’t stand being hungry and he is talkative.
  • Hongki wants to go to US so bad and produce an album in a different name. If things go well, FT will let FNC know and debut in US.
  • FT Island is the 1st Korean band to rank 1st position on the Oricon weekly chart on the 1st week of the release of their 1st Japanese reg album.
  • Hongki thinks that FT Island is unique because rather than being a dance group, they play instruments!
  • FT Island enjoys being called a flower boyband.
  • Q. “Are you close with any Korean teams?” FT: “We’re best friends with B2ST because the member ages all fit very closely. We sometimes go bowling together and go head to head, but we’re definitely better at bowling than they are. The last score was 4:1.”
  • Jaejin’s nickname: JaJini , Blackgoat/Goat (yomso- fan given).
  • Jaejin’s hobbies: Internet searches, Questioning (like about music or asking questions to a music specialist).
  • Jaejin’s favorite colours are Blue and Black.
  • Jaejin once received a leopard print underwear from a Primadonna as a gift.
  • Seunghyun shares a room with Minhwan.
  • Seunghyun is a late comer but comes with a pretty dimples. 
  • Seunghyun is arguably the best among the boys at speaking English. 
  • Seunghyun is the weakest among the boys. He’s been known as the ‘walking hospital’ ever since FNC academy trainee.
  • Seunghyun is famous for his intestine talk.
  • Seunghyun is close to SHINee’s Key.
  • Seunghyun likes Jason Mraz.
  • Seunghyun is O blood type
  • Wonbin likes to hug Jonghun when sleeping in the past. As a result, Jonghun never faced Wonbin when they’re sleeping. Wanna hug Jonghun too T-T
  • Wonbin had changed his name to ‘Oh Seong Hyun’ hesitantly during his 3rd year in middle school because his name was the same as the sexy actor Wonbin and he was teased by his friends because of that. But when he entered the company he went with his real name, Oh Won Bin.
  • Wonbin’s most treasured item was his guitar. He actually joined FT Island as a sub-vocalist but when they practised together for the first time, the sound of Jonghun’s guitar struck him and ever since then he picked up the guitar. Playing the electric guitar on full volume was also one way of relieving his stress.
  • Wonbin’s favorite cartoon character is Winnie The Pooh.
  • Wonbin’s bloodtype is O.
  • Jonghun’s bloodtype is A.
  • Jonghun feels most happy when performing with the members, and nervously going through their busy schedule.
  • Jonghun’s ideal girlfriend is someone who is easygoing. Like me ><
  • Jonghun likes Eric Clapton.
  • Jonghun’s favorite color is blue. I used to love blue then
  • Making music and browsing the internet are Jonghun’s hobby.
  • Jonghun auditioned with the piano.
  • Jonghun learnt to play the piano when he was 6 or 8 years old.
  • Jonghun praticed the guitar for 2 years.
  • First thing Jonghun does when he wakes up is to check his cellphone. Checking for my text ><
  • Jonghun received a guitar before from a fan.
  • Jonghun’s bad habit is always licking his lips. Lemme lick for you, may I ><
  • Jonghun’s attraction is his nose. I LOVE HIS NOSE
  • Jonghun is known to be the most charismatic among Primadonnas and FT Island themselves.
  • Jonghun is the only member of FT Island, who is an only child (no other siblings).
  • Jonghun said he wanted to become Tiffany of SNSD, much like Tiffany.
  • Jonghun once said during their first performances that he did not know why he was chosen to be a leader, “perhaps because of my beautiful face?” He asked.
  • Jonghun is an “ulzzang” before.
  • Jonghun and Minhwan, as told by Hongki, “fart without sound, creating a very bad smell when you sleep with the car door closed, or when resting.” 
  • Jonghun is making his acting debut as a supporting character on the film “You’re My Pet” starring actors Jang Geun Suk and Kim Ha Neul. Can't wait for it!
  • Jonghun is blood type A but believes that he does not act like a typical type A.
  • Jonghun’s favorite girl group is 2NE1. Me too :D
  • Hongki’s bloodtype is AB.
  • Hongki got an acting role when he met a man at a fashion show (his uncle was a fashion model). 
  • When he was young, Hongki dreamt of becoming a police officer and actor.
  • Hongki had a girlfriend who was 2 years older than him.
  • Hongki used to fart during practice.
  • Hongki wore braces before.
  • Hongki wore tights for his graduation ceremony.
  • Hongki is short sighted.
  • Hongki loves to camwhore.
  • Hongki used to skip meals for praticising.
  • Hongki can beatbox.
  • Hongki wants a radio DJ job.
  • Hongki always makes people around feel relaxed. He always makes everyone smile and laugh.
  • Hongki hates capsicum (green pepper).
  • Hongki received a customized iPod, dog and blanket from a fan before.
  • Hongki’s favorite foreign actresses are Angelina Jolie and Elisha Cuthbert.
  • Hongki don’t like it when his eyes crinkles when he smiles.
  • Jaejin revealed that when Hongki sleeps, he likes to touch the edge of the pillow.
  • Hongki’s favorite girl group is 2NE1. Me too :D
  • Minhwan has a pink diary.
  • Minhwan was especially known for his adorable aegyos.
  • Besides drum, Minhwan can also play the guitar, bass and the piano.
  • Minhwan is really scared to act cute when Wonbin is beside him, because Wonbin always hits him.
  • Minhwan’s parents own a restaurant.
  • Minhwan has a big mole (birthmark) on his back.
  • Minhwan’s interests are listening to songs and play computer games.
  • Minhwan thinks that he’s “very crybaby-ish.”
  • Minhwan: “I really like chicken!! I want to be in a chicken CF!!”
  • Seunghyun: “Minhwan always wears the same clothes, because he washes them, wears them, and washes them again in a constant cycle.”
  • Hongki said that Minhwan always touches his nose when he’s embarrassed or shy.
  • Minhwan’s favorite girl group is After School.
  • Minhwan is someone who always breaks his promises (said by other members).
  • Minhwan loves pikachu.
  • Minhwan has never received any love letters before he debut.
  • Minhwan’s favorite colors are pink, white and yellow. 
 Omagaaddd ! Tired -_-" I copy paste dari my notes je ni. Then edit mana patut. Ni baru sikit. Ada melambak lagi yang I tak paste. Kalau paste semua tak tahu la panjang mana nanti entry ni. LOL :D
Wonbin oppa, I miss you T-T I cari live performance dia yang kat Japan kat YouTube but tak jumpa. Someone do upload it for me please #begging
Apalah yang my Hooniee Honeeyyy buat ni -______-"
Eh, one more thing. Jojo and Nana read this ;
Choi Jong Hoon was absolutely mine mine mine ! And forever and ever will remain as MINE! Eden tak nak pun kat Byungie you all tu. My nampyeon much more better hotter than him HAHAHHAHA

See you guys next entry.
Till then ByeBye ♥

p/s- Jangan tanya I pasal artis lain. There's no answer for it.

Before leave, let's watch their first MV okay :)
Oh my Jonghoon ♥ kyaaaa ><

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Special Entry | KB Family ♥

Hey peeps ! 
Hello my lovely viewers :)
Okay gambar ni tak ada kaitan dengan entry ni -_-"
So , how's been doing ? Rasa memang dah lama gila tak membebel kat sini . Kali ni nak membebel pasal my new family . And I LOVE MY NEW FAMILY ! Ehh tapi jangan pula you guys ingat yang I ni benci kat my real family . Tak ada kaitan langsung pun . 
Rasa dah dua bulan kot I melibatkan diri dengan mereka mereka ni *cehh ayat -_-" Macam-macam yang we all kongsi . Suka duka silih berganti *nyanyi sikit :D Benda seronok tak seronok beronok-ronok . Semuanya nak cerita sama-sama HAHA Kononnya sharing is caring la kan . Tak gitu mak jemah . Kelaaaassss kau ! LOL :D 
First , what the hell is KB tu kan -___-" Tu nama group yang I join tu la . Thanks a lot to Nurd Cullen' kerana menginvite I ke dalam group yang indah itu ♥ KB stand for K-POP BLOGGER :) Okay HATERS , you may leave now if you feel that this entry annoying you . Penyertaan yang giat dalam group ni membuatkan segelintir mereka bertambah rapat dengan I *ayat please la :D
Picit gambar kuat-kuat untuk tumbesaran mendadak ><
Btw gambar tu random , tanpa turutan dan ikut suka hati je letak . Yang tak kasi tu tak ada la gambarnya kan . So jangan nak gedik dok memekak kat telinga I pasal apa gamba you tak ada kat sini okay :D
Zafyra Iskandar - Okay dia ni anak I *dah tua dah siap ada anak ><  Kalau dalam kategori keluarga betul , dia ni dah boleh diletakkan sebagai anak kesayangan . Sebab I sayang dia tapi yang lain tu sayang juga . Just sayang lebih sikitlah kat fyra ni hehehe . Haa kalau dah ada omma , mesti ada appa kan . Appa dia tu haaa yang terpampang kat header my blog ni . Hensem kan . Okay what , appa hensem omma comel . Dapat anak confirm cun macam fyra . Buah hati jantung pisang dia Kibum Key yang auchhhh tu . Sesuai sangat ! Heee . Fyra , omma dengan appa sayang fyra ! 
Nana Johari - She's my dongsaeng . Kitorang share nama yang sama just pangkal nama je lain. Banyak benda yang we all selalu share . Kebanyakan pendapat dan minat kitorang cenderung pada benda yang sama . Maybe nama main peranan kot . Dia ni satu-satunya isteri LJoe yang susah nak curang >< haha . Muka dia comel . I suka tengok muka dia . FF pula daebak . Nana , unnie bagi two thumbs up untuk ff Nana kayy :) I LOVE YOU hahaha .
Aisya Jojo - My dongsaeng Jolien >< Jojo ni pula misteri orangnya :D Suka cari pasal dengan I . HAHA ada je benda yang nak di pasal-pasal kan . Lagi-lagi pasal Jonghoon -___-" But I know that she just wanna teased me out . Dia pun bini LJoe gak . Isteri kedua :D Kalau sebut pasal nickname , dia dengan Nana memang melambak nickname . Berdua tu rapat dah macam adik beradik dah I tengok . Bahagia je bertekak berdua . Jadi rindu pula kat adik I kalau perhati gelagat Nana dengan Jojo . Jojo , unnie sayang Jojo ! Tak sayang unnie , sudah ! Tak heraaaannn :P
Myung Raara - Bini Myungsoo merangkap adik ipar I . She claimed that Jonghoon is her brother . So I ni automatik la jadi sister-in-law kan . Selalu walling dengan dia . Macam-macam benda mengarut I berbual dengan dia . But now dah jarang sembang sebab hari tu dia deactivated fesbuk then sekarang I pula macam busy sikit *macam laaaa . Myra , jaga Myungmyung tu elok-elok kay sayang . Kalau kena kebas , unnie tak tanggung :D
Wanaseoby - Ratu Code :D Ehh , Unnie nak bagi satu nickname kat Wana boleh ? Tak boleh pun ada aku kisah -..- HAHA unnie nak gelar Wana sebagai Gadis HTML . Gempak tak ? Gempak kan kan kan >< Uhm , dia ni I tak sure siapa bias dia . Kejap Sungmin, Woohyun, Seobseoby and now dah gila Seunghyun pula . Macam-macamlahhhh you all ni . Rebut la korang selagi mampu okayy :D
Syahfain Nabilah - Ni isteri Sungjong . Hari tu I salah spell nama hubby dia *typo* jadi Sungkong . Perghh buruuukkkk gila bunyi . Takkan lupa nama Sungkong tu sampai bila-bila >< Syahfain ni dia kata dia suka tengok lelaki main piano . Same like me . I LOIIKKKKEEE lelaki yang main piano . Citarasa kita sama di situ sayang oi :)
Shekaa Azli - Dia ni best ! Selalu layan kepala hotak I yang gila . Shekaa ni rajin juga la walling dengan I kalau nampak I online . Dari satu topik ke satu topik yang kitorang sembang . Dia gila sangat dengan Jo Twins tu . Comel katanya . Okay la comel , kan budak lagi Jo Twins tu 
Aina Syahirah - Ni pun anak I jugak . Amboi ramai anak bukan main :D Memang ramai pun sampai I sendiri tak ingat berapa ramai and siapa lagi anak I yang lain . *emak apa la ni -..-" Okay dia ni gila main truth and dare . I nak join tapi tengah busy so tak berkesempatan nak melayan game tu dengan dia . Tak apa , nanti ada free time kita main sama-sama ya :)
Atiera Thaza - Dia ni rajin nak berbual dengan I . I pun jenis berbual dengan semua . Selalunya dia la yang setia teman I malam-malam buta , sembang tak tentu hala . HAHA  
Firda - Nama dia panjang gila . So I tulis Firda je . I'm sorry , unnie macam malas je nak search nama firda tu . Dia asal dari Indonesia . Wahh makin bertambah kawan I yang dari seberang . Firda , jangan lupa titip salam sama Raffi Ahmad ya . Unnie suka bangadd deyhh ma dia >< HAHA Sekarang dia jarang online . And I don't know why. Musim peperiksaan kot .
Hannan | Najun | Ain | Lily | Apis | Diyana | Ena | Asha | Anis | Adelina | Hidayah | Arina | Eisya | Nurd | Seri | Aimi | Athirah | Fyda | Dhilah | Nasimah | Nick | Dyra | Wany | Ieka | Aida | Dan semua ahli group KB - Sorry kalau tak ada dalam senarai . You all ramai sangat . Tapi yang penting korang memang best ! Sayang korang muahh muahh :*

Di sini eden ingin meminta maaf sekiranya ada terkasar bahasa atau terlebih gurau sampai mendatangkan kecacatan akal dan fikiran serta mengganggu ketenteraman jiwa anda anda sekalian . Maklumlah unnie ni dah tua -____-" Gurau pun kadang-kadang macam tengah gurau dengan orang umur 20++ . Takutlah kalau-kalau tersalah tafsir then terasa hati ke kan . I'm sorry guys . Mianhaeeee ~ SUMPAH you guys rawrrr ! BEST kenal dengan korang semua . Meh sini free hug one by one >< HAHA

Till then ByeBye
p/s - tu ucapan hari raya sempena hari raya korang HAHA
Lagu untuk you guys ~

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All of Eleven | Taggie Tag ♥

Hello my lovely readers :)
Nice to see you again here .
Re-post this picture again and again :D DAMN HOT !
I got this taggie thing from many many many person and I will answer it all here .
*Have been edit this post again and again because of the tag -_-"
Let's proceed with the rules first :
  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal
  • Answer the question the tagger set for you in their post. And create new eleven question for the people you tagged to answer.
  • You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post
  • Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her
  • No tag back !
  • No stuff in the tagging section about "You Are Tagged If You Are Reading This" you legitimately (a.k.a really, trust, with all honestly) have to tag 11 people
Eleven Things About Me ;
  • Full name - Zurliana Binti Nasaruddin @ Ismail Shah 
  • Online name - Darla Carolina 
  • Almost reach independent age on this November 19
  • Student of Bachelor in Business Administration
  • Staying alone far far far away from my family right now and I really miss them 
  • Lives in Kuala Lumpur for more than ten years but already move to Johor Bahru since last seven years
  • Easygoing , happy go lucky , friendly , talkative person *perhaps 
  • The most loyal Primadonna ever that you had seen
  • K-poppers | Hate that ? Back off !
  • My siblings are my besties - Lola Carolina and Ai Shota 
  • Best friends sitting along together - Pyan , Iss , Boan , Syuk , Arn , Zhie , ABC crew & zoeyqarnyna lucky"

Eleven questions that should be answered from Nana ♥ Wifey LJoe ;
  • If you are the facebook creator , what changes will you make?
    • I will vanish all the stalks side at the right side bar ! I really hate that things !
  • Who is the hottest male artist that you ever knew? You can attach his picture too :)
    • Absolutely my lovely nampyeon ♥ Choi Jong Hoon and you can see a lot of his picture at this site :)
  • What is the most silly statement that you ever heard?
    • Follow you , follow me back --" SO SILLY !
  • Mathematics or Science? Why?
    • Mathematics - counting more easier than experiment :D
  • Do have a crush? Describes him/her
    • Already in a relationship with him and he was so nice *enough :D
  • The most amazing story that you ever read
    • NONE - do create one to amaze me please
  • Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Chronicles of Narnia, Twilight? Choose one
    • None -.- But if I really have to choose , Narnia is the best
  • A song that you would like to recommend
    • Can I Love You by Yurisangja - Listen to Jong Hoon version please :)
  • Your online best friends?
    • Not sure -__-" Gyuri aka Cik Puan Hongki maybe :D
  • Do you like Kpop? Why?
    • Absolutely yes because I am Primadonna *err stupid answer
  • Do you know what is quote? If you do, give one quote that you knew
    • Do not judge the book by its cover and do not judge me just by the way you look at me

Eleven questions from Aimi ;
  • Did you love Kwangmin or Youngmin ?
    • Sorry , I do not love both of them :)
  • Are you think Super Junior is awesome ?
    • Err , just so-so 
  • What do you think about my blog ?
    • Seriously it's NICE !
  • Tell me your crush name
    • Hakimi Faizi Arif - pray on our happiness please ><
  • Who want to be my twins ? Why ?
    • Err , not young enough to be your twins
  • Do you like cats ?
    • Not really . Fur make me flu
  • Do you know me ?
    • You AIMI right HAHA
  • What you felt if your crush love your close friend ?
    • His nose will be disapeared from this world
  • Who is your best friends forever ?
    • One only ? There's a lot -____-" *read on eleven things about me
  • Who is your best fake friends ?
    • NONE - I didn't get along with any fake person
  • Can I get your phone number ?
    • Really wanna my number ? Do inbox me , I will give you :)

Eleven answers for Nurd Cullen questions ;
  • Do you have facebook ? What is your name on facebook ?
  • 3 nicknames of you ?
    • Darla , Zoey , Koiezoku
  • 3 words to describe you ?
    • Jong Hoon , Purple , Primadonna 
  • Where do you live ?
    • Johor Bahru 
  • Korea or Japan ?
    • Japan :)
  • Facebook or Twitter ?
    • Twitter  , Facebook suxxxx -__-"
  • Did you already follow my blog ?
    • Done long long long time ago :)
  • Who is your last boyfriend / girlfriend ?
    • On a relationship right now 
  • Last person you said 'I LOVE YOU' to ? 
    • Jessie J - on the bottom of this entry 
  • Last thing you ate ?
    • Fish and Chips 
  • Super Junior / Girl Generation ? Pick one . 
    • NONE - because I have to choose , rather pick Super Junior than SNSD 

Another eleven from Ain ;
  • What is your mother's name ?
    • Zuraidah Binti Mohd Said
  • What's your moyang's name ?
    • Which one of moyang - there's a lot -__-"
  • Do you love me ?
    • Of course I do :)
  • A nickname that you love the most ?
    • My nickname or other's ?
  • Do you have a handsome brother ?
    • Just a cutie handsome eight years old lil brother
  • Your lappy's type 
    • What kinda type do you want ?
  • If you love Kim Myung Soo , can you tell me why ?
    • Sorry , I will never love him 
  • What do you think about me ?
    • You make me wanna love you ><
  • Is it true that you eat everyday ? // what kind of question is this ? =='
    • Of course I do
  • Do you love horror movies ? If you do , tell me what movies that you had watched
    • Yupp . There's a lot to be listed 
  • What is your man's type ? 
    • He must be Malay LOL :D
  • Do you have any BFFs ? Not best friends forever , but best fake friends
    • I do not get along with fake person

The last eleven answers for Hannan questions ;
  • Korea or Japan ? Which one do you prefer and why ?
    • Japan because I really obsess with it 
  • Tell me your full name
    • Already wrote on Eleven About Me - read it :)
  • Your MAIN bias
    • Choi Jong Hoon - he's everywhere on this site ><
  • The first song you heard when you've been a KPOPPERS
    • Not sure - long long long time ago
  • What kind of pet do you have ?
    • Do not have any for now
  • The COOL band that you think. Give 4 ~
    • FT Island , PIERROT , My Chemical Romance , Alesana
  • Who do you want to be unnie from any girl band
    • Not interested with any of them
  • Can you tell me the name of your FAKE husband ? Just one
    • My one and only Choi Jong Hoon
  • What is you characteristic ? Childish or matured ?
    • Not really sure . Depends on time and situation ><
  • Who do you like the most is your family ?
    • Didn't get your question -____-"
  • What do you think about my blog ?
    • Simple and nice :)

Eleven questions waiting for you ;
  • Do you love yourself and why ?
  • Do you know me and how deep it is ?
  • How much your blog means for you ?
  • Describe someone that you hate most
  • Have you ever think about your own marriage ?
  • Local or International artist and why ?
  • Who do you love more , yourself or your crush ?
  • Have you been to Melbourne / Seoul / Tokyo ?
  • What colour are you ?
  • Bad habits that you can not avoid ?
  • Are this taggie thing annoying you ?

Eleven of you are tagged and that's mean you're so special for me ;
Till then ByeBye ♥
Jessie J , I LOVE YOU lol :D

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Friday, October 21, 2011

30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 13

Annyeong haseyo .
Hello my lovely readers :)

Day 13 - favorite FT Island Japanese song
I LOVE FT Island because of their Japanese song ! 
And of course I do love the Korean song too . All of their Japanese song were damnly awesome . With Hong Ki and Jae Jin's voice , it's like song fell from heaven .
Jong Hoon makes me fell in love again and again with him on this one ><
See you guys next entry ByeBye♥

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #12 | Fan Fiction

Hello my lovely viewers :)
Lama tak update entry dalam Malay ><
Erkk tapi entry ni wordless la pula . Whatever -___-"
Yang kat atas ni gamba cover my fan fiction . Jemputlah baca kalau sudi . Nak link blog tu ? 
Haaaa klik kat > sini <
Terima Kasih Daun Keladi
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥

p/s - Ada anonymous tinggal jejak tanpa link kat shoutbox I . Dia sound I berlagak omputih sampai buat entry speaking bagai -____-" 
Kau tak faham kau boleh blah ! Bukan orang Melayu je yang view blog aku ni ! Pergi belajar English dulu baru singgah blog aku . Tak payah nak buat pasal kat sini !

B1A4 MV version ZOOM ZOOM

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

FT Island New Album Track List [Memory In FT Island]

Annyeong haseyo 
Hello my lovely viewers :)
Entry for answering too many question from k-poppers .
Yes you are ! FT Island had launched their new album and it is remake album . The album fit five new remake song . Wanna have their new album ? You can buy it online at FT Island Official site or any others FNC dealers . Do not ask me either I can buy it for you or not . Because the answer is absolutely NO . I'm sorry okayy :)
Here the track list of Memory In FTISLAND
1. Like Birds 
2. Heartache
3. Even You Tears
4. Not A True Goodbye
5. That Person In Shinsadong
All of their remake song are absolutely nice ! I had download all of the track on the day it released . And I would like to share the site to download it . Ohheemmmgeee , this is not me . I am the person who will never to give you download link . But it's okay , I am on a good mood :) As good as a sunshine and as yellow as sunshine yellow :D lol -___-" What the rubbish I had talks at here . Just let me be . 
Download the whole album [Memory In FT Island] at > here <
Errr the song title was in Hangul . Do not worry , you may edit it after download :) Just follow the flow on my list okay . 
errr no need to caps lock it right -___-"
Have you watch all of their comeback stage ? NICE ! You are absolutely the loyal Primadonna if you had done watching it :) For those who do not watch it yet , I will provide all of them at here :) *I am so kind-heart today right HAHA :D But please , do not stare on my hubby okay ! 

M! Countdown Comeback Stage (October 13)

Music Bank Comeback Stage (October 14)

Special Music Core Comeback Stage (October 15)

Wanna more video of their comeback ? OMG enough for today . There are only three comeback stage since their new album launched . Let's wait for FT Island next comeback stage okayy . See you soon :D
Okay then ByeBye ♥

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30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 12

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely babes and dudes ♥

Day 12 - favorite FT Island english song
Hey peeps ! Let's proceed with the challenge :) FT Island are so busy with their comeback and fit schedule . So do I , busy with a lots of assignment and FT Island things lol -.-"
My one and only favorite of their english song . The reason ? Just watch the music video first , then you'll get it . Love it when all of members singing along in one song ♥ It nice right :)
I miss the old FT Island . Wonbinnie oppa ~ I MISS YOU ! Why don't just make them ST Island . SIX TREASURES ISLAND ♥ I want all of them being together in one band . Okay , it is nonsense -___-"
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥

Let's watch Kim Hyun Joong new Music Video before leave :)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Music Video "Like A Birds" Released | Memory In FT Island ♥

Annyeong haseyo .
Hello my lovely viewers ♥
It Wednesday again -___-" Did I have to make it wordless ? NO ! I WOULD NOT DO IT ! :D  Guess what ?! K-poppers must already knew about it . FT Island new MV had been released on October 10 . And Memory In FT ISLAND was so amazing ♥ I love how Hong Ki sang this song , I like it when Seung Hyun and Jae Jin rap on their part , I love to look at Min Hwan cool-and-cuteness , and I do love love love all part of the most damn beautiful sexy leader guitarist Jong Hoon . 
I have wait for the MV for whole three days and it took me stay in front of my lappy about more than 4 hours before it uploaded . Just imagine it that not less than five second after it uploaded , I straightly retrieved and thought that I am the top 10 viewers -___-" But I am the 306th viewers . Damn , it stuck on 306 actually -____-" No need to add more talks here , let's just watch their new MV . Enjoy it okay ♥
I love all of their part ♥
Damn ! I LOVE YOU and I LOVE HOW YOU EAT ME via this gif lol :D
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Blogger Should Not Do

Hello my lovely viewers :)
Lovely smile for you ♥
Attention ! This entry is not related with any k-pop's thing . Maybe I should call this entry , "annoying statement" . Errr sounds ridiculous .
Actually I had been sick and annoyed when I do walking to other blog . Why ? Because a lot of things . Should I list it one by one ? Yeaaa I guess I should !
Firstly , please ~ Do not ever put a music player without pause or stop button -__-" Seriously it makes me sick . It's okay if your choices of song are good for my ear . But sometimes it's NOT okay ! SERIOUSLY NO ! You know what , because of that you will lost your readers . I will just click x button after leave my footprint at your site lol :D 
One more thing , if you had put that kind of music player , how can your readers play any video that you had put on your entry ? You should think about it first my dear -___- Yeaahh ! THINK it first :)
Second thing , lot of pictures on your side bar . It's okay if you wanna put all of your favourite pictures , but it's really too much if you had put more than ten -__-" It will make your site loading slow than others . I had it when my browser become SLOW because of YOUR BLOG ! But if you really need to put all of your pictures , make it on scroll bar or slide or just put it as marquee . That would be better :)  Maybe you should consider other bloggers that use slow speed of internet . Poor them who wanna walking to your blog right .
The most annoying are when someone said "Hey I had follow you , follow me back okay" ohh suxx -_-" Okay my dear , I will follow you back if I feel that your blog are really interesting me . And sorry if I am not doing it because nobody force you to follow my blog then :) NOBODY ! I had already mention it clearly on my side bar right . By the way , thanks for following me . I really appreciate it .
Lately I had walking to some blog and they had put some dialog box like "hey , thanks for visiting my blog" or whatever it is . Okay , that's your blog so it's up to you what do you wanna put there . But it's really suxx whenever its appear . Just imagine how many time I should click enter for passing the dialog box for moving from one entry to another entry -___-"
Last thing , all of your useless gadget =.= Sometimes it will make our browser or screen hang for a while . Maybe because it were too heavy and takes time for load . Just throw your useless things to the dustbin please . I think there's no needs to put clock , watch , calendar or any else that already exist on our desktop . It's really USELESS okay . If that really happen and your blog do suffering me , I will never step my foot to your blog ever again .
Okay enough done ! Hope any of you may understand how I feel . Thanks for reading this and sorry if my entry had hurts your heart or feeling . Just wanna scream out the things that annoying me .
Tired of your asdfghjkl blog -_-"
Till then ByeBye ♥
p/s - My entry was not for please anybody and if you hate it , you may leave . Thank you :)
Peeps , don't stop the party okay :D lol

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 11

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely readers .

 Day 11 - favorite FT Island rock ballad song
Seunghyunnie ya , mianhae . This entry is not related with you . 
Actually I'm not really sure what kinds of rock ballad are on FT Island song . So I got the solution to identify it via google :) Thanks a lot mr. google . kekkee :D Now I got it . There's a lot of rock ballad song from their debut album - "Cheerful Sensibility" or it was called "Forever Treasure" by FT Island . And of course from other album too . But I had decide to pick one from their debut album . It's when FT Island was with Wonbin :)
Aigoo ~ Wonbinnie , I miss you T-T #listening to c'mon girl ♥
Seriously I do miss you , Oh Won Bin . Even he's doing solo now , I still need him being together with FT Island . Yes , Primadonna really miss you ♥ But it's okay , we still support you since then :) Love your part on After Love and Love Sick . And my most favorite is Until You Return (Until You Comeback) . The MV was so daebak and makes me tearing TT-TT without notice it . Wonbin was act as Hongki's hyung :) I really love it . Ohhemmgeee ! FT Island best band ever that play heart's song ♥ Awesome !
Prepare hand towel / tissue paper before play the video . ngeeee 
Till then ByeBye ♥

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Friday, October 7, 2011

30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 10

Annyeong haseyo .
Hello primadonna(s) and my lovely viewers :)

Day 10 - favorite FT Island dance cover
Five treasures playful time ♥
Hard to find dance cover because they didn't really dance . And it's really awkward when saw them dancing on any song especially for Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls :D Jong Hoon makes me love that song because he used to dance and sang it many times before this . By the way , I love the butt dance moves kekekeke :P
They love Abracadabra too much especially my Jong Hoon ♥

Aigoo ~ kiyowo oppa ! Seunghyun too :D
Look same with my treasures movement right :D
My one and only favorite dance cover is Abracadabra and here is a cut of my Jong Hoon's dance .
Really cute right ♥ Damn sexy lol :D
Okay then .
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥

Watch this for the original dance version :)

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FT Island New MV Release on October 10

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely viewers .
Okay , I will make it short . Glad to heard that FT Island will release their new MV "Like Birds" on this October 10 . I'm really excited just to heard that . You know what , this is my first time being so excited like this and also almost tearing when watch the teaser T-T ohhemmgee ! 
I love the way you play with your musical instruments
Maybe because my lovely nampyeon appear so many times on that clip . ngeee :D And because of him , I had raped the replay button #LOL (!) Thanks God , FT Island official YouTube had upload the teaser :) 
Wanna eat me ? lol :D
Actually I wanna put the teaser at here but maybe because of some technical error , I can't find it at search list . So if you wanna watch it , just click at > here < and make sure you bring your happy smile together with you . But please , do not ever fall in love with my Jong Hoon arachi ! Arasso :D kekeke . 
Yeobo , what're you doing at the back ? -__-"
By the way , my parcel already arrived :) OMG ! Everything were damn awesome . Later I'll put it on my entry okay my dear . ngeee . Have a nice day ♥
Aigoo my sexiest leader , I love you ! heee :)
Till then ByeBye ♥
Bad woman , this MV was for you HAHA Just watch it before leave okay :)

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 9

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely loyal readers ♥

Day 9 - favorite FT Island interview
*old picture
Actually I had post about this one on my 30 Days K-Pop Challenges and it's a bit long entry . Because of my supa dupa lazyness , I will not re-post about it again . So you can check it out at > here < and have a happy reading there okay . By the way , I will describe about that interview briefly at this entry right now .
The interview is about Korean Idol when they're asked by reporters on how being an Idol . But FT Island answer it with a simple question , "We don't dance , so are we idol?" . Maybe for them , there's enough to be well-known band over the Asia and world perhaps :) For me , FT Island was absolutely daebak while staying together as a band , singing and playing all the musical instruments . Please remain as #1 Korean band ever okay . On the other hand , Korea had been generously known as a publisher of k-pop dance group idol . Even FT Island didn't dance , they'd do it well with band since then . Thanks a lot for always brings a smile for me ♥ FT Island , fighting (!) Okay then .
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥

Prims should watch this . One of my favorite song .

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #11 | FT Island's Possession

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely cute babes and dudes .
Actually I wanna make it such a long long long entry but because of Wednesday , it will become a wordless entry . Just intend to show a part of my collections . Before this I had show my FT Island fan base t-shirt right , so here the other collections . Btw my parcel will arrive today I guess , because they had already post it . So next time I'll spam about it okay :)
*click picture for the rapid growth :D

Sorry for the non-clear and non-smooth picture . I'm not using DSLR 
Done spamming picture :D
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥

Promoting a new MV of SHINee Lucifer Japanese version 
p/s - I don't really like this version because it sounds awkward for me

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