Wednesday, October 5, 2011

30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 8

Annyeong haseyo chingu :)
Hello my lovely viewers .

Day 8 - favorite FT Island reality show
All of FT Island reality show are my favorite ♥ like always , I'd mention it already right heeeeee :) 
But the most favorite of their reality show is Idol Army Season 2 ♥
Total episode for Idol Army Season 2 are only 7 episode but all of them were full with laughter and excitement . First and the second episode were absolutely daebak (!) Two thumbs up for my treasures because always fill up my life with their aegyo and joyness :) 
Wanna watch it too ? Simply clik > here < and brings your smile together with it ♥ heeee :D But please remind your hearts for not falling in love with my Jong Hoon okay .
Okayy then ByeBye ♥

Before you leave , let's watch new Japanese Song MV (not really new HAHA) of FT Island , Let It Go!

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