Thursday, October 6, 2011

30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 9

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Day 9 - favorite FT Island interview
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Actually I had post about this one on my 30 Days K-Pop Challenges and it's a bit long entry . Because of my supa dupa lazyness , I will not re-post about it again . So you can check it out at > here < and have a happy reading there okay . By the way , I will describe about that interview briefly at this entry right now .
The interview is about Korean Idol when they're asked by reporters on how being an Idol . But FT Island answer it with a simple question , "We don't dance , so are we idol?" . Maybe for them , there's enough to be well-known band over the Asia and world perhaps :) For me , FT Island was absolutely daebak while staying together as a band , singing and playing all the musical instruments . Please remain as #1 Korean band ever okay . On the other hand , Korea had been generously known as a publisher of k-pop dance group idol . Even FT Island didn't dance , they'd do it well with band since then . Thanks a lot for always brings a smile for me ♥ FT Island , fighting (!) Okay then .
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Prims should watch this . One of my favorite song .

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