Saturday, October 15, 2011

FT Island New Album Track List [Memory In FT Island]

Annyeong haseyo 
Hello my lovely viewers :)
Entry for answering too many question from k-poppers .
Yes you are ! FT Island had launched their new album and it is remake album . The album fit five new remake song . Wanna have their new album ? You can buy it online at FT Island Official site or any others FNC dealers . Do not ask me either I can buy it for you or not . Because the answer is absolutely NO . I'm sorry okayy :)
Here the track list of Memory In FTISLAND
1. Like Birds 
2. Heartache
3. Even You Tears
4. Not A True Goodbye
5. That Person In Shinsadong
All of their remake song are absolutely nice ! I had download all of the track on the day it released . And I would like to share the site to download it . Ohheemmmgeee , this is not me . I am the person who will never to give you download link . But it's okay , I am on a good mood :) As good as a sunshine and as yellow as sunshine yellow :D lol -___-" What the rubbish I had talks at here . Just let me be . 
Download the whole album [Memory In FT Island] at > here <
Errr the song title was in Hangul . Do not worry , you may edit it after download :) Just follow the flow on my list okay . 
errr no need to caps lock it right -___-"
Have you watch all of their comeback stage ? NICE ! You are absolutely the loyal Primadonna if you had done watching it :) For those who do not watch it yet , I will provide all of them at here :) *I am so kind-heart today right HAHA :D But please , do not stare on my hubby okay ! 

M! Countdown Comeback Stage (October 13)

Music Bank Comeback Stage (October 14)

Special Music Core Comeback Stage (October 15)

Wanna more video of their comeback ? OMG enough for today . There are only three comeback stage since their new album launched . Let's wait for FT Island next comeback stage okayy . See you soon :D
Okay then ByeBye ♥

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aiman fanboy k-pop said... a bird pling best lagu dia....ft island..minat gila2 kat hong ki n jaejin

darla carolina said...

yapp . sume best ! ngeee , jaejing cute ><