Friday, October 7, 2011

FT Island New MV Release on October 10

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely viewers .
Okay , I will make it short . Glad to heard that FT Island will release their new MV "Like Birds" on this October 10 . I'm really excited just to heard that . You know what , this is my first time being so excited like this and also almost tearing when watch the teaser T-T ohhemmgee ! 
I love the way you play with your musical instruments
Maybe because my lovely nampyeon appear so many times on that clip . ngeee :D And because of him , I had raped the replay button #LOL (!) Thanks God , FT Island official YouTube had upload the teaser :) 
Wanna eat me ? lol :D
Actually I wanna put the teaser at here but maybe because of some technical error , I can't find it at search list . So if you wanna watch it , just click at > here < and make sure you bring your happy smile together with you . But please , do not ever fall in love with my Jong Hoon arachi ! Arasso :D kekeke . 
Yeobo , what're you doing at the back ? -__-"
By the way , my parcel already arrived :) OMG ! Everything were damn awesome . Later I'll put it on my entry okay my dear . ngeee . Have a nice day ♥
Aigoo my sexiest leader , I love you ! heee :)
Till then ByeBye ♥
Bad woman , this MV was for you HAHA Just watch it before leave okay :)

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