Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FT Island Full MV Severely Already Released

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello Primadonna
Full version SEVERELY's music video had been released.
Another FT Island's music video that make me crying heavily .__. Why should he died? Why Hongki choose to died instead of saving that woman. Omagaddd! I am waiting for my treasures comeback just to make sure that Hongki still alive.
See you guys next entry ByeBye

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Friday, January 27, 2012

FT Island 4th Mini Album | GROWN-UP

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello earthlings.
Is it sad story music video? Why did my Hongki cried in that teaser?
It must be great and teary for me. Can not wait until the full mv out. 
 2007 0607 03070302121711110821 
FT Island Grown-Up
4th Mini Album
January 31, 2012
Rock, Ballad
New 4th Mini Album is scheduled to release on February 2
I love the cover damn much. All of number around the cover grabbing my attention. I guess only Primadonna will know the meaning of those number. 2007 0607 03070302121711110821. With a deep meaning. Such a creative idea. But so sad there's no number related with Won Bin. Wait wait wait, still have one related to him. 2007 0607. And with the album's title GROWN-UP really showing the maturely of my lovely treasures. There will be five song that surely great of course.
  1. Grow Man
  2. We Hope Become Lovers
  3. I'm A Foolish Person
  4. Severely/Fiercely (the MV will be released on February 2) 
  5. Even Had Lost A Friend

Done ordering this album via internet. 
Surely now is our time for fangirling after all of the other fandom had been crazy for their favourites one. My Hoonie Honey, hope you'll do more well this time. Like always, I am supporting you and all of treasures.
I wonder, how the serious one may turn out to cute one.
Till then ByeBye
Please support them by purchasing their new album ^^

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FT Island Dan Melodi TV3

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello readers and primadonna :)
\okay gila -.- tiba-tiba/
he said : 2PM KST OKAY !
Actually I tengah tak sabar sampai tak mampu nak tidur sebab nak tunggu teaser lagu baru FT Island keluar. OMG OMG OMG! Eh bukan tu yang I nak kecoh kat sini. Tu next entry. Ni nak kecoh pasal FT Island kat Melodi TV3 yang I tak dapat tengok asdfghjkl hari tu sampai jadi depression gila babeng tu. Seriously my lovely treasures semua ohsemmmmm weyhhhh~ 
Sumpah comel cute hensem asdfghjkl forever and ever and ever!
Sejuk sikit hati I lepas tengok my treasures ni semua happy kat Malaysia. Alangkah bahagianya kalau I dapat duduk bersama my Hoonie Honey tu. Oh my Honey, I love you so much. Ecehh geli betul aku ni HAHA :D By the way, penat woo I cari video ni. Jangan curi ya gif ni. Thanks a lot to my dear Syasya sebab tolong upload kan gif ni dekat tumblr dia. Maklumlah I kuno -.- Tak main tumblr bagai ni. 
My nampyeon suka main seorang diri =='
Time for fangirling. Okay then.
See you guys next entry ByeBye
Tak sabar tunggu teaser FT Island - 2PM KST

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #22 | Untitled

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello pretties and handsome.
Wednesday, please be nice to me okay :)
Just wanna show off my artwork. Guess what? Someone do request for Minari as a character. OMG OMG OMG .____. but why Suzy had been choose as the heroin? Aaaaaaaaaa~ nevermind.
I just feel that my artwork nowadays become more sucks -.- 
See you guys next entry ByeBye
Btw, I'd change my header and background. Sorry if it's annoying you.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Annyeong haseyo.
Hello my precious readers,
Why do I have to face all of this thing? Damn! It's make me crying heavily right now. I might be not a good either a loyal Primadonna anymore now. Seriously, I hate it when people do talks with me about Play! FT Island concert. Of course I do hate it because I was not there, I am not supporting them, my lovely treasures. Shit. What am I doing? Being hatred of myself just because of that reason? You should consider my feeling before talking about it my dear. 
It's already passed. So why should you talks about it? Again and again. Just wanna hurt my pride? Did you ever think about my feeling? Have you? Gahhh why should you right. That's none of your business. Maybe someone who knows me very well will never do this to me. I'd told the whole world that I AM REALLY WANNA GO TO THAT FREAKING AWESOME CONCERT but I can't for some genuine reason. I hate all those stupid person who love to talks about that concert over and over again. Please do not make me feel like wanna bash you. PLEASE. I hate being someone who make others feel annoying with me.
And just now, someone told me about FT Island in some entertainment program. But guess what, I'm having such a sucks time of mine while I do switch on my television but just let it be at another channel then told my friend proudly there was some commercial break on that time. When I was realized that I am not in correct channel, the controller was not there. I hate myself because I'd put the remote controller here and there and not in the proper place. Damn bastard that controller. No more FT Island when I reached the correct channel. I hate all of this things that happens today. I should be alerted about that. But what am I doing? Sitting in front of my lappy after going back from my campus and just doing all nonsense things over the internet. 
Imma crying heavily right now while typing for this entry. Does anybody care about my feeling? I guess there is no one. I do not have anybody who'll care about me. Having a hard time alone while everybody were damn happy for their life. This is why I do hate myself. Because sometime I do being someone that's not real me. Having a hard time alone, keep all the problem inside of me forever and ever, and after I am doing alright for a few moments, I do become the happiest of me again. But my pride, my feeling, I never care about them. Why am I like this? There's something not right on sometime but I just keep it silent. Why? I still seeking for the answer. Maybe it's just because I do not want the others hate me. Am I? I know that sometime I do annoying you. 
Seriously this is not the real me. I just need someone to lean his/her shoulder to me. No, I do not need you for calming me down. Just let me be for a moment then I'll be alright. I hate to showing you the weakest me. And sorry if my entry was really make you feel like bullshit or wasting your time. I am not typing this for raise your symphatizes. This is one of the way for me to flow out my heart's feeling.


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #21 | FF's Poster - Own Artwork

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello handsome and pretties :)
Actually I tak ada mood nak update blog for a time being. But I love Wednesday because it is a day of become wordless. So here we are. Just some random picture of my artwork (not in sequence).

I know that all of this tak adalah secantik dan sehebat orang lain punya. 
But at least I learn from nothing until I had reached this level.
Till then ByeBye

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

FT Island Won 2 Awards At Golden Disk Award | Congrats My Treasures

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello my lovely primadonna(s)
Glad to heard that FT Island had won two awards for GDA this year. OMG! I can not express my feeling right now. I just feel like my heart will be exploded after take a peep at my twitter's timeline. 
 The Best Rock Musician of the Year Award 
 The Cosmopolitan 'Fun & Fearless Musician' Award 

Hongki's hair do looks like Beyonce's :D Seriously he reminds me of her. Compared with his hair before, I prefer this one. The style before was damn suck! Errr sorry to say but just talking the truth.
 I can see my Hoonie Honey was really happy and enjoy this moment. Just look at his smile. Omagaaadd! He makes me melting once again. Oh that boy! For the God sake, please do not expose your smile-to-ear like that all the time. I'm begging right now LOL :D I'm also happy when all of my boys are happy just like in this picture. Hyunnie and Jinnie were damn happy till makes them kiss that trophy. 
The best moment for me as a Primadonna was when I saw this one on my twitter. OH MY GOD! #CONGRATSFTISLAND was on the worldwide trends (WWTT) and they're at second rank! What can I say after look at this trend? For sure there's nothing else than my tears might describe it. Such a long time they did not win any awards in Korea. GDA was really such a real stage to judges any artists. And FT Island really deserve it.
And when I know that they're also trending at the top of Indonesia's trends, I was really shock. OH MY FORSAKEN GOD! How can Indonesian Primadonna makes this! Damn jealous because there's not a lot of Primadonna at Malaysia. But still, I was feeling so good with this one and the worldwide trends.
This is a good opening of 2012 for FT Island. Hope they'll doing well along this year.
See you guys next entry ByeBye

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dear My Lovely Treasures | Forever TREASURE ♥

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely dudes and babes.
I know that I am not a loyal Primadonna anymore because I can not attending FT Island's concert this Saturday. Seriously, I really wanna be at that place. Holding the pentastick and cheering for them. Cheering for my lovely treasures. But I have class on this Sunday. I have to choose between my future and hubby. Why did this happen to me?! Why? Why? Aaaaaaaaaaa~
There's no more tears will came out from my eyes anymore because I'd flew it all out when I knew that I really can not go to that concert. Minari, do not cry anymore. You'd grew up maturely right. But I do love your aegyo forever. Ehemmm keep your aegyo for this Saturday. You should show it to MY Primadonna. 
Hoonie Honey, sorry sorry sorry. Do forgive me because I can not accompany you this Saturday. Hope you'll doing well at here. Do not flirt with any other woman okay. Mind your eyes for sure. I will visit you there once I finish my study at here. I will always love you. 
Jinnie-ahh, take care of your hyung okay. Noona will spend my ticket's money to buy another things. Maybe for any our treasures' concert album. Still seeking for Rock Prince Album. Really wanna buy that album. Aaaaaaa~ Jinnie! Pray for me please. Noona almost give up on searching that album. LMAO why should I saying this thing at here? Just let me be.
Hyunnie-ahh, please do not make your hyung especially my Hoonie Honey being tired of you okay. I know that you love to tease all of them. But do find the right time for it my dear :) Hope you'll doing well at here this Saturday. Noona will always follow up with FT Island's update and schedule.
My precious Hongki, do take care of our Hoonie Honey. Glad to see that you'll always by his side. Having you on his side make me feel relieved. Aaaaaaaa~ I am willing to share my Hoonie with you. And only YOU. If our Hoonie is doing something bad like flirting on any other girls especially on the sexiest one, do grab and take him away. One more thing, take care of your voice. The MOST EXPENSIVE husky voice in the world. I might not knowing all of you if your husky voice was not in FT Island. 
Hoonie, Minari, Jinnie, Hyunnie, Hongki
Till then ByeBye


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