Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Music Video "Like A Birds" Released | Memory In FT Island ♥

Annyeong haseyo .
Hello my lovely viewers ♥
It Wednesday again -___-" Did I have to make it wordless ? NO ! I WOULD NOT DO IT ! :D  Guess what ?! K-poppers must already knew about it . FT Island new MV had been released on October 10 . And Memory In FT ISLAND was so amazing ♥ I love how Hong Ki sang this song , I like it when Seung Hyun and Jae Jin rap on their part , I love to look at Min Hwan cool-and-cuteness , and I do love love love all part of the most damn beautiful sexy leader guitarist Jong Hoon . 
I have wait for the MV for whole three days and it took me stay in front of my lappy about more than 4 hours before it uploaded . Just imagine it that not less than five second after it uploaded , I straightly retrieved and thought that I am the top 10 viewers -___-" But I am the 306th viewers . Damn , it stuck on 306 actually -____-" No need to add more talks here , let's just watch their new MV . Enjoy it okay ♥
I love all of their part ♥
Damn ! I LOVE YOU and I LOVE HOW YOU EAT ME via this gif lol :D
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥

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