Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Blogger Should Not Do

Hello my lovely viewers :)
Lovely smile for you ♥
Attention ! This entry is not related with any k-pop's thing . Maybe I should call this entry , "annoying statement" . Errr sounds ridiculous .
Actually I had been sick and annoyed when I do walking to other blog . Why ? Because a lot of things . Should I list it one by one ? Yeaaa I guess I should !
Firstly , please ~ Do not ever put a music player without pause or stop button -__-" Seriously it makes me sick . It's okay if your choices of song are good for my ear . But sometimes it's NOT okay ! SERIOUSLY NO ! You know what , because of that you will lost your readers . I will just click x button after leave my footprint at your site lol :D 
One more thing , if you had put that kind of music player , how can your readers play any video that you had put on your entry ? You should think about it first my dear -___- Yeaahh ! THINK it first :)
Second thing , lot of pictures on your side bar . It's okay if you wanna put all of your favourite pictures , but it's really too much if you had put more than ten -__-" It will make your site loading slow than others . I had it when my browser become SLOW because of YOUR BLOG ! But if you really need to put all of your pictures , make it on scroll bar or slide or just put it as marquee . That would be better :)  Maybe you should consider other bloggers that use slow speed of internet . Poor them who wanna walking to your blog right .
The most annoying are when someone said "Hey I had follow you , follow me back okay" ohh suxx -_-" Okay my dear , I will follow you back if I feel that your blog are really interesting me . And sorry if I am not doing it because nobody force you to follow my blog then :) NOBODY ! I had already mention it clearly on my side bar right . By the way , thanks for following me . I really appreciate it .
Lately I had walking to some blog and they had put some dialog box like "hey , thanks for visiting my blog" or whatever it is . Okay , that's your blog so it's up to you what do you wanna put there . But it's really suxx whenever its appear . Just imagine how many time I should click enter for passing the dialog box for moving from one entry to another entry -___-"
Last thing , all of your useless gadget =.= Sometimes it will make our browser or screen hang for a while . Maybe because it were too heavy and takes time for load . Just throw your useless things to the dustbin please . I think there's no needs to put clock , watch , calendar or any else that already exist on our desktop . It's really USELESS okay . If that really happen and your blog do suffering me , I will never step my foot to your blog ever again .
Okay enough done ! Hope any of you may understand how I feel . Thanks for reading this and sorry if my entry had hurts your heart or feeling . Just wanna scream out the things that annoying me .
Tired of your asdfghjkl blog -_-"
Till then ByeBye ♥
p/s - My entry was not for please anybody and if you hate it , you may leave . Thank you :)
Peeps , don't stop the party okay :D lol

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