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30 Days K-POP Challenges | Day 19


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Day 19: Your favorite interview of a k-pop idol or group

 ♥ FT Island Interview ♥ 

Once again , it's all about my treasures (!)
Interview on June 2011

"We don't dance, so are we idol?"

FT Island bravely denied that they are idols. It was not surprising that FT Island was associated with the word "idol" since the band consists of members around their 20s. But the members' ability to play and sing created their stage, FT Island is not "idol"; they want to be called Band! Main vocal Lee Hongki said, "When we debuted, we didn't know we would be walking down the path of an 'idol.' (smile/laugh) But, unconsciously, we have been positioned. But our image is of our strength, we want to be the opposite of a traditional band." Bravely said.

In a blink of an eye, it has been 4 years since FTIsland debuted. Korean citizens' prejudice has changed, and lately FTIsland has received the glory of being #1 on Japan's Oricon Chart. Afterwards, like a nonstop triumphant general they again return to the Korean market. Therefore this album's name is called "Return". Leader Choi Jonghun said: "This name contains the significance of us returning to Korea and once again hearing the music of FTIsland."

The album's title song is Hello Hello. After many controversy over the song name, of the member's abundant opinions, the name was chosen. Hello Hello's advantage is "speed." At bpm200, the fast and light rock gives an enjoyment to the ears. The prelude uses an acoustic style of performance which obtained a good response in the previous year. Choi Jonghyun said "Now, we only need to look at one another's eyes and we'll know what each other is thinking. So, when performing fast songs there isn't any confusion.

Lately, FTIsland likes to watch MBC "Our Sunday Night" segment of "Survival I Am A Singer". Of course they are happily supporting Yoon Do Hyun Band. Yoon Do Hyun Band had personally participated in performance and composing songs. Seeing band can also overwhelm the audience with their attitude, FTIsland is also happy for them.

Drummer Choi Minhwan said "In the past, solely music and dance songs would have criticism, but how can Yoon Do Hyun Band's stage be so handsome, how is it done! I know that there are preparation from band audition to related shows. Later, band music would capture more attention." He said hopefully.

Song Seung Hyun said," Lately band had increased in popularity a lot. Four years ago there was no peer band, therefore there was no competition. However, lately there are more and more band. Later on we need to focus more!"

Currently a rising Korean celebrity, sometimes people would admire FTIsland's Japan tour concert. Because this time compared to Korea, Japan's band culture is progressing more. From this, FTIsland has a mission to make the country's band culture more popular. Bassist Jaejin said, "Hiring notices for band on Japan's streets are completely filled. There are also many street performances. But in Korea, band performances don't have a big professional area. We work hard, believing that little by little, we can develop the culture of band." He smiled happily.

Four years ago, FTIsland was a "pretty boy" band of 10s (around their young age). However, 4 years later, the members have grown into adults, having a more mature musical talent.

At the end of June, FTIsland will be performing their 5th performance at Nagoya, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, etc. They will also be standing on Japan's dream stage -- Budokan.

Jaejin openly said, "We have lost the imitation of others that we had when we first debut. We quietly create new things, because I can feel who we are imitating."
Credit : Daily kpop News 

Actually all of FT Island's interview are my favorite because they are my number one :)
But I love to choose this one to prove it to all k-poppers that FT Island will never ever be #1 Idol but #1 Korean Band ever ♥
Loudly scream saranghaeyo to five treasures island ! 
Before leave , let's watch "I Confess" live version from my treasures .
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Really love this song because my Jong Hoon was singing along with other members ♥

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