Monday, August 8, 2011

30 Days K-POP Challenges | Day 1


Annyeong hasseyo chingu :)
Hello my lovely viewers .

My first entry for 30 day K-Pop Challenges .

Day 1: Your favorite k-pop guy group

Of course it will be FT ISLAND (!)

Hope all of you will always succeed in whatever you do and do keep it up guys ! 
I will always love you guys ♥
FT Island , Saranghanda !
Primadonna's love you a lot lot lot muahhh :)

Till then ByeBye ♥


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MissD said...

hai. may i ask?
challenges ni buat sndri or ad join blogger lain?
boleh gtau serba sdkit x? thanks!~

darla carolina said...

owh this challenges mostly kpop blogger took it from tumblr. pastu dorg tag fans yg satu group dgn dorg utk join.

MissD said...

boleh tag me x? hihi
nk buat jugakk XD keke

klw boleh, pls~ :D
tp klw x boleh xpe lah.. :)

darla carolina said...

oh bole jep . you just amek link page I yg psak challenges neyh . link kn kt my blog. sebab I disabled highlights dgn right clicks . so better you letak link I nye page jep utk memudahkan you na update challenges tu nt :)