Wednesday, August 24, 2011

30 Days K-POP Challenges | Day 18


Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my dearest viewers .

Day 18: A k-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling

 ♥ Song Seung Hyun ♥ 


Seung Hyun gun , would you like to be my dongsaeng ? 
Omo Mr 16 Dimension ! He's so cute with his smiling eyes . Rasa macam nak cubit cubit je pipi maknae FT Island ni . Why I wish that he's my younger sibling ? It was because he's so attractive on his own way .
Kalau orang yang tak kenal Seung Hyun ni mesti anggap dia macam silent person , passive , shy shy cat and what so ever la . Actually he's not ! Absolutely not ! Dia seorang yang hyperactive , humorous , suka kacau orang sekeliling dia , senang cerita hidup penuh warna-warni la kalau dia ada dalam life someone tu . So , kan best kalau Seung Hyun was really my dongsaeng . I really hope for this . Lagipun dia bawah I dua tahun , layak sangat la kan jadi dongsaeng tu . Boleh la noona tolong tengok-tengokkan Seung Hyun selalu #gatal (!)

Dear my lovely dongsaeng , darla noona always hope that you'll be fine . Glad to see that you're happy celebrating your birthday even without me , your primanoona . But it's okay . Maybe we'll celebrate it together on the becoming year . Who knows right :)

Layan dulu MV Bad Woman sebelum click x button okay .
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥

p/s - kalau la Seung Hyun baca , oh indahnya dunia :D

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