Friday, August 12, 2011

FTIsland’s 2011 Asia Tour Concert


Hello my lovely babe and dude :)

Glad to heard that FT Island will held concert for their comeback !
Ingat Super Junior je yang boleh buat comeback ke -__-"

Kepada mereka yang tak kenal dan tak tahu langsung pasal FT Island , you all may check it on my previous entry , or else google it okay . MV di atas merupakan lagu terbaru FT Island . And I really love it ! 

FTIsland concludes their promotional activities for their recent comeback “HELLO HELLO” and will soon be starting their Asia tour concert.

Titled as “PLAY FTISLAND”, the band will be meeting their fans at their upcoming concerts on 20 and 21 August in Korea.

FTIsland reveals their concert poster that has a fun and joyful theme. The poster shows the band members holding on to their instruments, having fun while performing, asking for lots of anticipation from their fans.

Their management company, FNC Music, said that, “FTIsland’s 2011 Asia Tour ‘PLAY FTISLAND’ will have its first stop in Seoul. They will also be touring several countries in Asia, meeting their fans with the same concert theme.”

On the other hand, FTIsland is currently having a concert tour in Japan titled “2011 SUMMER TOUR Messenger”.

Credit goes to forumotion-fti

I really hope that Malaysia will be choose as one of their location .
Hello ~ Malaysia is still in Asia right , so why not :D

Kalau Malaysia tak ada dalam list , memang hampalah jawabnya -__-"
Tak dapatlah nak jumpa dengan buah hati pujaan I ni .
Choi Jong Hoon Oppa yaahh , bogoshippo !

Till then ByeBye ♥

p/s - asyik Super Junior je datang Malaysia buat concert , Primadonna jealous dho ~


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