Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Play! FT Island Concert in Malaysia

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely viewers.
Recently, I'm so lazy for updating entry and I don't know why -.-
This is how Honggi makes my Hoonie Honey dance :D 
FT Island had announced that 6 countries will be choose for their Asia Tour. Malaysia is one of it. MY Primadonna must be happy to death knowing about it right. The organizer had confirm the date and venue yesterday. Venue will be changed from Arena of Star to Stadium Negara. Yet, still in Kuala Lumpur. The date still the same, January 14. 
It is the second time they held their own concert at here but on the first time it had been canceled on the last minute because of some antis terrible mistakes, so this one will be considered as the first one. Hope FT Island will not cancel it again like a few years ago and enjoy their self here ><
As you can see on the picture above, there are four kinds of audience seat with different ticket price. Do not worry, it is below RM500 for Rock Zone. The green one is for RM468 and the cheapest one (blue colour) is only RM138. It is not really expensive if we compare it with 2PM's ticket price right.
Okay Primadonna(s), get your ticket now. Hope to hear some great news from FT Island about Malaysia and give some great moment to Primadonna
Till then. ByeBye
FT Island as Malaysia trends yesterday >< Omagaadd! 

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