Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hello my lovely readers.
Here I would like to announce that Whoopers have open an online poster shop using an AsianFanFics account. 
What it is? What is Poster Shop? Okay, for an online novelist that love to write some sad, horror, romance or any kinds of story but do not know how to create the cover or poster for their story, you may request and order it from us. Yes, we will make it for you. FOC! Free of charge without taking any cents from you.
But please, you have to follow some rules that already describe over there. Not really strict but just a simple one for us and you too. Do subscribe for sure. If you do not have any AsianFanFics account, you may request from us via email.
We will entertain you nicely if you doing the same. But please, no harsh words are allowed ☺

For more information, seek our shop >here<

By the way, my Fan Fiction for Cinta Dua Dunia already complete. 
You may read it >here<

See you guys next entry ByeBye

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