Thursday, December 24, 2009

which one better ?

For me the best is the Hana Yori Dango cast.
Even it takes almost 4 years until the final!

Well, the Korean guys might really be good looking (esp. Kim Hyun-Joong)
but the Japanese F4 are the good and best actors.
Jun Matsumoto (really love him!) may be smaller than Lee Min Ho
but he acts so good that he can make me cry, smile, laugh.
He can be annoying, bad-tempered, fierce,
but on the same time,
he could also be caring, loving, and most especially childish.

His chemistry with Inoue (Makino) is so great as well.
He may be the smaller among the 4 guys but he has the makings of the leader.
watch it if u dont believe me!
Together with Rui, Akira and Soujiroh,
they all make such a realistic group of friends
that I′ll be surprised if they are not close friends in reality.
in reality,
all of them are still best friends as F4 in HYD!

As for the lead role,
there′s no doubt whether who is better
between Makino of Japan and Jan Di of Korea.
Inoue Mao totally rocks!!
Jun and Mao have such a great chemistry on and off screen!

in Boys Over Flowers (korea version) ,
I do love Yoon Hi-Joo..
He have such a charm smile and face!
Jun-Pyo is not really annoying and bad-tempered in this.
Domyouji Tsukasa do more!

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