Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Annyeong haseyo. 
Hello earthlings.
It is just a short entry. I don't have any energy for blabbering right now. Tired already. And final examination is around the corner. I know that it's such a long time since my last post. I want to update my lovely blog everyday if I really got time but I don't. Dear time, please do not kill me! Erghhh I'm struggling for my final year right now. It's very hard to face it guys. Assignment overload -.- and my schedule was really tight and pack. Duhh it's really such a big problem because I can't manage my time properly. My bad huhh.
Due on my examination, I'll considered myself as on hiatus. Actually I wanna put my hiatus status since last month but I realized that I still have several things to be settled on. Just let it be. Can you do me a favor please? Just wish me all the best for this year. I don't have enough strength and hope your cheers may increase and makes my spirit become more bright -.- duhh what was that mean? Okay okay okay. There's another thing that I have to tell you especially for those who are following my fan fiction series. I will not write any for a month perhaps. It will not take a long time. I'll surely come back soon. And I would like to announce that I'll stop writing my fan fiction for a time being. 
Dear my lovely readers, sorry sorry sorry. I am so sorry. Begging for your forgiveness because my fan fiction had been delayed for almost two months I think. I'd face some difficulties with my lappy. Some of my folder was crack. All of my story line and draft was there -.- It was inside that folder and it has been cracked already! Such an asdfghjkl laptop! By the way, I'll never give up on writing it. Don't worry guys, as long as I have you as my supporter, I'll continue to write more. Thanks a lot for your love and support. Hope to see you soon.
Till then ByeBye ♥


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