Monday, January 21, 2013

FIRST ENTRY FOR 2013 || Random Like Always

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello my lovely readers.
Whoaaaa such a long time since my last update. Guys, are you miss me? Okay you're not huhhh. By the way, this is my first entry for this year. Happy new year guys! Hahaha hope it's not too late for wishing it. I can feel that 2013 will be the most busiest year for me. Oh ghaaaddddd! I'm running forth and back for everything. How I really hope my study life will be over soon. Okay let's straight to the point.
Because of my busy-ness, I still can't finish up my own entry for the segment of 'Protect Your Bias' and the deadline is on this 31st. Haiyoooo I have to manage my own life properly maaaaaaaaaa. Hope I can finish it by this week. Daaadadadaaaammm!! Like what I had promise before, my first English plus smut fan fiction had been published! Jyeahhh it is Krisber smutfic kekeke. First thing to be mentioned here, sorry for my bad English in my writing. Grammar mistakes everywhere without any doubt perhaps. Interested to read it? Click >here< and what's gonna happen after that will be under your own responsibility. I had warned you, it's smut fiction guys lol.
LOL at Taka hilarious face.
To my dearest fanfic readers, sorry for not updating those two fic for a long time. I'll try my best to update it asap. And here I would like to announce that request section is open again lalalallaaaaaa. You can request any gif, poster, wallpaper, or whatever you want on the request section. But as what I had already mentioned before, no tutorial request will be accepted. Sorry sorry sorry guys. Errr if you really insist maybe I'll consider it. Who knows right.
Till then ByeBye
p/s - There are some people had asked me how to do watermark on GIF and other things about it but I dunno who are they ;~; mianhae ;~; So how can I answer you ._. 

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