Thursday, June 14, 2012

No Need For Title

Annyeong haseyo. 
Hello my lovely viewers.
First at all, I really miss my blog and do miss to babbling at here. Just ignore the title. I really don't have anything to put at that post title space. Actually I wanna talks randomly about everything that I want \not really everything -.- just four things only LOL/. Just take it as my random talks as usual.
Actually I have to make a special entry for that day but I can't because of my holiday. But luckily I manage to trending about it with other Primadonna at Twitter. And the most thing that surprised me was #FTI5LAND manage to be on the top of world wide twitter trending topic on that night. Primadonna doing a really good job! By the way, I'm still waiting for my FT ISLAND TWENTY 1st press limited arrive at my home. FT Island FIGHTING!
Running Man? The person who run? During my break, I'd watched all of Running Man's episode from the first one until the 98th. And I do spazzing about it. But not all of us know about this show. Running Man is the Korean reality program (game show) by SBS. Seriously this show was amazingly daebak! If you never watch it before, I suggest you to watch it and you will be addicted then. How to watch it? You can simply watch it at >here< and you also may download it if you want to do so. For me, there are so many best episode but the most favourite one is when they invited Park Jisung as a guest. RUNNING MAN DAEBAK!
Today sadder than yesterday but why? Because one of my man will leave me behind TT-TT Nevermind. Actually I don't want to think about it but he's always appear in in my sight. He's everywhere in my life. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa okay it is not. It is me who wanna think about him. KYU KYU KYU don't leave me! Kajima! Kajimallago! LOL over me -.- Luckily my Hoonie Honey still beside me \okay enough with that flirty-girly-talks things/ HAHA
#4 - EURO 2012
What time is it? It is the time for EURO *o* Unfortunately I'm not really into it. Because I can't manage my own time. But I do watch for Germany's match. Hope they can win again this year. Go go Germany go! Suddenly I remember my old time. It's reminds me about the thing that I'd done five years ago. When you're living at the hostel, there're strictly no for television time at the midnight. Just because of football, we secretly watch the television and warden knew about it then. Oh I really miss my old time.

I want to babbling more but my bed had called me. 
See you guys next entry ByeBye
p/s - don't miss me too much

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