Thursday, September 8, 2011

30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 1

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely viewers .
Here we go again with new challenges . 
Day 1 - Name your ft island biass
 ♥ Choi Jong Hoon (최종훈) ♥ 
Actually there is no need to name it because I thought everyone knew it already right :D
One of my favorite picture ♥
His manly side looks so passionate ♥
His eye gazes -____-" makes me stunning when our eyes meet each other ♥
His serious looks on every time he perform or do something ♥
OMG OMG OMG (!) #faint already 
He's my only one and ever bias that I'm willing to die for just to get and hold him tightly . Really waiting for that time . Jong Hoon oppa , will you choose me as your only primadonna ? #hoping
 자신에 대한 처리라도 한번 식사를 건너 뛰면 안됩니다. 난 항상 당신을 사랑합니다 ♥ 
Yeopo (!) take care about yourself okay . Do not ever skip your meal even once . I will always love you ♥
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥
p/s - Someone ask me , why did I put my blog URL on every picture in all of my entry . My answer is "even though the picture(s) are not mine , I hate it when people stole something on my site because all of it are something that I work for and my obsession are fully inside it"

Let's watch my man on this mv ♥

Don't Be a Silent Reader Because You Have an Identity


♥ cik puan h0nggi ♥ said...

auwwww ~jonghun oppa jonghun oppa ! hahahaha.. hawtness never fade ^^

darla carolina said...

heee ofc lhaa . my jonghoon ♥ ngee