Monday, September 12, 2011

30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 3

Annyeong Haseyo :)
Hello my lovely babes and dudes .
Dah dua hari miss update entry T___T tak sempat nak update #assignmanet melambak mid-term exam menanti . At last ada juga masa nak update challenges #fuhhh . Esok tak tahu la sempat ke tak nak update entry . Pity me :(
Day 3 - Name your ft island otp with a member from another group
 Jae Jin ♥ Key 
Jae Jin such a cute boy . And Key was really friendly with everyone especially with 91-ers lines :D
I love to see their cuteness ♥ Aigoo ~

What were they talking about ? So sweet of them - sharing an umbrella together :D
There's a scene when Key was calling Jae Jin (on Manbakshi show) then he answer Key question by something sounds like HA HA HA #LOL (!)
jaejin: hello?
key: jaejin-ah~
jaejin: oh, hello!
key: hey! it’s me~
jaejin: yeah what’s up?
key: what’re you doing?
jaejin: me?
key: yeah.
jaejin: I’M BEING A LAZY ASS~~
key: w-what did you say? (laughing) jaejin-ah, this is a broadcast!
jaejin: .. w-what? w-what did you say you’re doing?
key: we’re filming. filming!
jaejin: … ya! call me again!
makbanshi episode 5 (091205)
Okay Jae Jin , let's keep being a lazy ass everyday kekekeke :D
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥

p/s - I wanna put Jonghoon/Hongki otp with another group member but Jaejin and Key always win my heart by their cuteness :)
Let's watch new MV by U-Kiss before leave ♥

Don't Be a Silent Reader Because You Have an Identity


♥ cik puan hongki ♥ said...

yaippp :] they're so cute together ^^
key comel. diva <3 hahaha.

darla carolina said...
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darla carolina said...

kan kan . cute gila dorang . key the shining shinee ♥ jaejin the most treasure :DD

♥ cik puan hongki ♥ said...

stuju !
high 5 ^^ hehehe.

♥ cik puan hongki ♥ said...

stuju !
high 5 ^^ hehehe.

darla carolina said...

hehehe , utk dorg high ten pown bole :D