Thursday, September 15, 2011

30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 4

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely loyal readers .
Lamanya tak update plus blogwalking . So macam biasa la , no blogwalking no heavy traffic . Traffic blog confirm down -___-" Fuhh . Rindu gila nak update challenges ni . I baru masuk Day 4 -___-" haihh . Kalau ikut hati memang nak update hari-hari but minggu ni memang busy gila . Hari tu terkejar-kejar nak siapkan assignment . Ni pun melambak lagi tak siap , then this week full dengan mid-term exam . Almost every night I stayed up sampai subuh . Letih letih letih . Tapi tak apa , curi masa sikit untuk update satu entry challenges sebelum tidur *letih belajar terus update entry .

Day 4 - name your nicknames for each member of FT Island
Every members of FT Island have their own nickname that gave by primadonna ♥
Six treasures that will forever and ever in my heart ♥
Choi Jong Hoon - Charismatic Leader | Sexy Jong Hoon

Lee Hongki - Cute Rebellion | Hong Star

Lee Jae Jin - Goat | FT Island's Brain

Song Seung Hyun - Seunghyunnie | 16th Dimension

Choi Min Hwan - Minari | FT Island's Backbone

Oh Won Bin - Wonbinnie | Silly Won Bin
Nickname that I give to all of them ;
Jong Hoon Oppa - Sexy Nampyeon ♥
He's my hubby okay (!) Every part of his are absolutely mine (!) Do not steal him from me please . Thanks :) kekekeke
Hong Ki - Eye Smile's Baby
He's such a baby because he love to ask something from others by his baby style plus his smiling eyes and it's look so childish HAHA
Jae Jin - Cute Boy
All of his side are so cute . OMG (!) He just a boy for me but he looks very cute on every thing he's doing .
Seung Hyun - Gedixx Guy
You wanna know why I called him gedik guy ? Just check it out at this entry . He's really gedik gedik gedik guy HAHA
Minari - Matured Man
Actually he is the real maknae of fti (3 months younger than Seunghyun) but his look and appearance was the matured among members .
Won Bin - Smiley Kid
The kid that love to smile and laugh :) And I love it on every time he smiling .

I've got mine :) Did you have any nickname for them ? Do not copy what was given by me okay :P
Till then ByeBye ♥
Someone ask me to watch this mv and thanks to her because introduce me something nice :)

Don't Be a Silent Reader Because You Have an Identity


Hagumi ぐみ Hanamoto 花本 said...

yeahh..ft island!huhu
i pon minat kpop gak!hihi..
i follow tau..klik la iklan i..kkalo bleh..hihi

darla carolina said...

yup FT Island ♥ heee :)thankss , okayy then .