Monday, February 20, 2012

L`Arc~En~Ciel | FT Island Inspiration

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello my handsome and pretties.
What is L`Arc En Ciel? Some people write it as L`Arc~En~Ciel. And it suppose to type as L`Arc~En~Ciel. Sounds weird isn't it. For those who are not familiar with some kind of rock music will not interested in this post. Who are they? They are one of J-Rocks band that popular nowadays. Is it they're really popular? Why you do not know about them at all. Okay, they're popular among rocks lover. Enough to say about their popularity.
Like the title of this entry, L`Arc~En~Ciel is one of FT Island influences. Why am I saying this? Because every time I read or even read for their interviews, L`Arc~En~Ciel should be inside of it. And I am wondering who are they on my first time heard the band name. Why it is sound like that? Why should be L`Arc~En~Ciel? Why they became as FT Island's inspiration? What makes they look special in my treasures' eyes? Why FT Island listen to their song? 
Okay, I started to know about this band since last year. But I am not really into this band because for me PIERROT is the best ever since they're senior of J-Rocks even they're old enough right now. But when I listen to some of L`Arc~En~Ciel song, it sometime sounds like PIERROT one. I am not saying that they had copied PIERROT. Just in the terms of music kind. Have you watch the PV above? They're great am I? Talented musician always make me impress and so do they. Because I am not really into this band, I still do not know them really well. Just knowing their band members name only I guess. Like Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya, and Yuki. If you wanna know more about them, better search by yourself. I am afraid that I'll give some wrong information. 
By the way, I still believe that FT Island will only listen to the best and great music and this is one of reason why am I listening to L`Arc~En~Ciel. And they're really a great J-Rocks band. Best music brings a life. 
My Hoonie really love them and he makes me wonder who are they
Till then ByeBye
This is uncensored version. Under 18 avoid from watching this please.

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Woo Hyunnies said...

Wohoo~ Tak sangka unnie minat jugak Lar'c en Ciel. Ada geng ni._.

darla carolina said...

@Woo Hyunnies - Unnie tade lha minat sgt band neyh. Pierrot ngn Parfait lagi best. HAHA :D laki unnie yang minat ==' erkkk :D Tapi still layan lagu dorang *angguk*