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SPICA Russian Roulette | New Girls Group Debut

Annyeong yeorobun.
Hello my loyal lovely readers.
I am not the type of person who really into girls group. But this time, SPICA \pronounce as seupika/ really turn me to 360 degree around LOL :D Before this, there are only 2NE1 and Brown Eyed Girls will make me like this. I am afraid I was wrong if I said this group is actually rookie. Yeah they are rookie group which only debut about a month under the B2M Entertainment. But do believe me, they're really experienced in this field.
Most five of them have been acknowledge by this industry. They are Kim Boa, Park Narae, Yang Jiwon, Park Joohyun, and Kim Bohyung. Surely the vocals are not a big shock if you really know their background. Narae had made the top 10 of Korea's American Idol, Superstar K. While Kim Boa was a vocal trainer for INFINITE, the boys group that gain their popularity nowadays. Bohyung was one a trainee for YG Entertainment that supposed to debut with 2NE1 but she decide to leave before debut and Dara appeared as her replacement. The group's most prominent member, Jiwon was not only part of the original lineup of T-ARA \group that start as a ballad group/ but she was also a member of the famous Five Girls. Unfortunately Five Girls had been disbanded before their official debut but still the members of Five Girls built up quite a big reputation in the industry. And so do Jiwon, she had debut with SPICA. Even they are still new \rookie group/ but they really can sing.
Kim Boa ♥
Seriously on my first time watching them, \SBS Inkigayo if I am not mistaken/ my impression just like "Are they really a rookie one?!" and continue watching their performance until a few second my mouth shout again, "OMG awesome! Damn awesome!". Then I realize that I had fall in love with SPICA \seupika/ especially Kim Boa. I really adore her. She look damn gorgeous with that boyish image. Really turn her into the new person. And SPICA also can harmonize beautifully. OMG! They really can singing! REPEAT! THEY REALLY CAN SING and also dance. If you are looking for the pretty looking girls group, you are deaf and blind in music. SPICA is really such an art. They are amazing.
I thought this is my third time \maybe/ published something about girls group after 2NE1 and Brown Eyed Girls. There is no doubt with their voice. They also can sing properly when it was live broadcast. OMG! Maybe SPICA had took 2NE1's position in my heart. I will rank them as #1 for now because I am really in love with them especially Kim Boa.
Had you watch their music video and performances? Russian Roulette really kill me. Damn! You should watch it. Do believe me. They were really awesome at the stage. I love all of their movement, dance step, and the song absolutely. My favourite one of course Kim Boa's line and the butt popping. 
They are really awesome right.

Up from the left to right - Park Joohyun, Yang Jiwon, Kim Boa, Kim Bohyung, Park Narae.
See you guys next entry ByeBye
Actually they had release their first MV - Doggedly (Lee Hyori as a cast) on last January 10 as their digital single prior to their official album release.
Didn't sounds like a rookie group at all

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