Sunday, April 15, 2012

JYJ Music Essay | Their Rooms Review

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello my lovely viewers.
Sorry for those who having pretty bad connection speed
Here again, with another review. I have got my parcel just now. And I was really excited for having SPICA first mini album. OMG OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH okay! Kim Boa Jiwon    Narae    Bohyung    Joohyun    But I will review Painkiller Album next time. Now, let's proceed with JYJ Music Essay. This one is for my lil sister, Shim Ah In. She told me to buy that room room \LOL their rooms actually/ because I found the lowest price for it. Wanna know how much lowest I've got huh? Just let it remain secret kekeke.
Full set of Music Essay \ignore my trolling phone there/ come with essay from Jaejoong, Junsu and also Yuchun + 240 pages of diary with a lot of sparkling members photo on it + 4 pieces of JYJ photo cards + 4 pieces sticker with aegyo style + music cd contains 6 tracks. 
Front view \still inside the box/
Side view
Back view
JYJ photo cards \no autograph on it -.-/
Sticker that full of aegyo
Junsu's sticker \blurry =='/
Jaejoong's sticker \also blur -.-/
Yuchun's sticker
JYJ's sticker
Looks pretty much right.
Front view \without box/
To-do-list cards \don't know how to call it/
To-do-list cards backside
First page \I think there's no need to explain it/
Let's enter their rooms!
Start with Jaejoong
Time for Yuchun
Now, let's enter Junsu's room!
Lot of sparkling pictures on it right.
CD was provided inside the diary. 
Last space on their rooms.
Full set of their rooms.
Okay, I think that's enough. More than enough perhaps. If I put all pages here, it may takes for hundreds pictures LOL Wait for my another review on SPICA. Maybe on next weekend. Actually I had promise to make some review on B1A4 Ignition but due on supplier lost my order, I have to wait for another couple of weeks. Big Bang Alive will be arrive within three days. I have been wait it for ages kekeke jokes. 
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥
I had watched some great movie and will review it next time.

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Lina Jaejoong/Nor Azlina said...

omg~~~banyaknya *o* lina rasa mcm nak beli je album tuh!XD

darla carolina said...

beli jangan ta beli . rugi kalau ta beli HAHA :D