Monday, April 2, 2012

Kim Kyu Jong Turn Me On | First Mini Album Review

Annyeong haseyo
Hello my pretties and handsome viewers.
Okay, actually I wanna make some review for this first mini album. Kim Kyu Jong Turn Me On. It had been released last year but I just got this album recently. Why? Why am I buy this album so sudden? He's my second bias in SS501. Ehemm, now he's number one for me babeyhh! But as we already know, there are no more SS501 because their contract was over and all of them are doing solo project now. Let's start review this album.
I got this for only MYR 59.90 ☺ This album was imported from Warner Music Taiwan. There are two version for this album. First one is CD only. And the other one in white colour. A lil big in size and contain CD+DVD. That one is only MYR 79.90. OMG! Seriously I wanna that one also. But running out of money because recently I have bought so many album. Too many till I run out of fingers to count it. \kay joke/
Front view.
Back view with description
Back view without description card
Inside view
Photo book with 5 pages of lyrics.
Side view
Photo & lyrics book contents.
Envelope contains 4 pieces of postcards
4 different postcards
Postcards with greetings from Kim Kyu Jong
4 different postcards with different greetings 
Awesome right! Just using your sixty ringgit then you can own this album. I wanna grab the other one but maybe next week. I have to manage my money first. I can't stop listen to his voice. He makes me crazy right now. I am crazy about him. Actually there are some hotness picture but I can't post it here. You might fall for him if I put it at here. Yesterday I had watched Never Ending Love story that used Kyu Jong as lead roles. He touched my heart again. Oh My Kyu! Now I am very sure that I have fall in love with him. Since I was Triple S then, this is not a big problem for me. I don't mind to share him with you because I didn't own him at all. 
Till then ByeBye
For those who had asked me to make a Grown-Up review, I'm really sorry. I didn't make any review for FT Island's album.

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