Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Semi-Hiatus Mode On

Hello my lovely readers.
Actually, I just feel like I have not really into blogging mood this few weeks. I do online everyday like usually I did, but I do not have much time for spending it here. Omagadddd can I announce that I am on HIATUS mode? Maybe I should. Semi-hiatus will be the perfect status for me. It is not that I don't want to update any entry or anything, I just got something else to do. My assignment still not done yet. A lot of things waiting for me. 
Process of study =='
Mid-term exam and presentation almost every week. Still have two subject for mid-term exam, two subject for presentation, and also two subject for assignment. Those six things all up make me feel like wanna throw everything up and down. Seriously I feel like tired being myself. Tired being a student. Struggling with everything while others happily take their time and spend it as what as they want. So envy with them.
For those who always follow up my fan fiction, I am very very very sorry because I still don't have proper time to update the next chapter. Thanks for your willingness to read my story and do patiently wait for my next update okay. I love you. Without my reader, I am nothing. And for those who had request me for wallpaper and poster, do wait until weekend. I will make it as soon as possible during my free time. Later, I'll inform you right after it's done.
By the way if there anyone who does not know what is hiatus mean, it is the other word for break. Or else we can say it like take a recess. Not for a holiday or something related for holiday. It is just a break. Short break from what they always do. As an example, I always used to make an entry for at least two or three per week but because I am on hiatus, maybe you will not see any entry on my hiatus time.
See you guys next entry ByeBye
I will update my fan fiction on my free time. Wait for it kay ☺

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