Thursday, March 29, 2012

SPICA PAINKILLER | Full MV had been released

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello my lovely readers.
Guess who are they in the gif above? They're my waifu fu fu fu LOL :D Actually I am not in mood for any entry. Seriously busy with my last-minute-work to do. But because of my bee-you-tee-pool lady seupika my lady, I have to make this entry. I HAVE TO okay! Spica full music video of PAINKILLER had been released! And the video was supaaa dupaaaaa awesome *o* Have you watch it? Have you? Still not huh -.- YOU HAVE TOO WATCH IT THEN! Let's wave with them
They're cool right! The coolest girls group I ever known. Never heard about them before? They had make a boom performance with their Russian Roulette and once with their Doggedly (digital single) before official debut. Wanna know about Spica? Check out my older entry about them >here<
Their wavesseeuuu make me drooling -,.-
My one and only Kim Boa
Waiting for SPICA Painkiller Repackage Album arrive to me *o*
Till then ByeBye

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