Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Hongstar Day

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello my lovely readers.
It's Hongstar Day
Saengil Chukha Hamnida Lee Hongki
You had grew up so handsomely and reached the matured age. Hope you'll always grow up handsome and maturely since now on. Keep your warm and tender with you. I really appreciate every effort that you'd gave to us (Primadonna). I will always cling to you since then and ever. Please take care of yourself and your dongsaengie. Do eat well. Do not over practice. Hope your sore throat will be fine in this few days. Good luck for your next concert in LA. Even though I can't be there supporting all of you, I'll keep on looking from here. Keep on fighting! FT Island go go go! Primadonna will always there by your side wherever and whenever you go. Just keep that on your mind!
Lee Hongki, thanks for your existence, thanks for bright me, thanks for makes me smiling, thanks for being yourself, thanks for being a part of FT Island, thanks for your voice that always cheer me whenever I need it, and thanks for everything that you had gave and show at us. Your love for Primadonna always make me feel so lucky and worthy being a part of this fandom. 
You're my first love in FT Island \but right now my love is Hoonie Honey/. The person I know right after Wonbin but I know you more details than I know him. You'd make me fall in love with FT Island. Your husky voice is such a beautiful art in this world. I love your voice and everything on you. Thanks once again. Lovely Hongki, saranghaeyo
I was really upset because #HongstarDay didn't manage to be listed in WWTT last night. But like always, JP Primadonna had make it. It's become the first hot topic in Japan trends list. And the top three in Indonesia trends. How lucky! There're so much Primadonna supporting this project. Wish one day, Malaysia will having a lot of Primadonna as much as JP Primadonna.
So envy with them because they succeed to make it on trends list.
Hope any next twitter project of FT Island will also get big support from Malaysian.
Till then ByeBye
Sorry for not making any present for your birthday TT-TT Busy with my study things.

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Ieyra Ghani said...

birthday saye jugak (!) HEHEH .
SAma ngn hongki oppa ^^v tp bias sye seunghyun yg notyy . huhu

darla carolina said...

@Ieyra Ghani - really ? so happy bday to you too >< so lucky dapat beday same ngn idol ^^ ngeee . imma jelly wif youuu .

byhahsaid said...

unnie , gif honggi yang dari severely tu , unnie buat ke? unnie tahu tak nak buat camne? ajarkan -,-"

darla carolina said...

@byhahsaid - unnie pkai photoscape jepp . ade GIF maker kat software tuh ._.

byhahsaid said...

dah buat tapi tak jadi pun camtu -,-" macam ade dia guna something effect yang tidak dapat dikenal pasti lol alahai camne ni . jelly tengok benda tu cantik sangat .

darla carolina said...

@byhahsaid - ohh klaw na yg effect tuh, buat kt photoshop. plih jepp effect nye. ade motion blur ape semua. pastu klaw na gabung" kan, better pkai photoscape. err unnie klaw buat" bnde cemni mmg salu pakai dua" software. leceh tapi da biase.