Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 | Minari Day ♥

Annyeong haseyo :)
Hello my lovely babes and dudes.
What day is today? It's Minari Day! 
Saengil Chupka Hamnida Choi Min Hwan.
Happy 19th Birthday To You
Hope that you will grew up more handsome and maturely since now on okay my baby :) Keep on fighting with other treasures. Good luck for M!Net Asian Music Award. I'll always vote for all of you everyday. Primadonna will always support and love you. Just keep that on your mind :)
Today I would like to spam Min Hwan's gif. Credit goes to owner.
 ♥ Choi Min Hwan ♥ 
Drummer of FT Island - The real maknae :)

Prince Aegyo >< So lovely ♥
The guy who will always being cutie every time facing the camera. Never be apart with his own cuteness. Always make his hyungs feel annoyed because of his aegyo.
Maknae being teased by his hyung like always
The one who'll be teased by the older. But still, he do love all of his hyungs.
Cool side of him ><
Sometime he will act like a matured man with a cool side. Wearing some clothes that looks like man's appearance and then show off to his hyungs. He love to do so.
Strong and energetic boy 
Even he just such a kid who always act cute, he really has some energy that other people called powerful. He's strong in some way. So energetic. Like always ><
Now he's already reach his nineteen years of life and I love to watch him grow up since then. 
Please just remain on your place now as a drummer of FT Island ♥
Noona love you!
Hope my Hoonie Honey will take care of you :)
Till then ByeBye ♥
Birthday song for Minari ><
Credit - Arina Syahirah for introduce me this song

Don't Be a Silent Reader Because You Have an Identity


♥ cik puan hongki ♥ said...

ouh i love him unnie :))

darla carolina said...

@cik puan hongki - Aaaaaa~ Me too >< our maknae da besa da skrg :D