Monday, November 28, 2011

Google Chrome Game | Tag Game

Hello my lovely babes and dudes.
Almost one week I didn't update any entry.
Busy with some personal's thing.
Errr about the challenges, I'll update it soon. For now, I'm gonna do Tag Game. I got this tag from Nana and the game was like kinda creative. Seriously the founder of this game must had nothing to do LOL :D
Hoonie Honey cheering me for the game ><
Okay, every things happen must follow the rules even the rules are suck -.- But the rules of this game are damn easy. Seriously. Just open your internet browser. Just for Google Chrome user. Yes! Only for Google Chrome user because the game was namely as Google Chrome Game. After open it, type the only letter A-Z on the search space. Then take a look at the link appear on that space. Copy that link. The first link appear only. You can not choose it. Do it from A until Z. Got it? If you're still blur with my explaination, check >here< Hope it will help you. Let's start now :)
Okay done. Do not forget to tag 5 blogger. Here I would like to tag my five lovely person.
Lola Gyuri Nurd Fyra Elin
So easy right. Then, feel free to take this tag game if you wanna play with your Google Chrome ><

Hoonie, why did your face like that ><

See you guys next entry ByeBye
p/s - I had bought FT Island Zepp Tour DVD >< Auchhh Fall in love with him again :D

Hoonie Honey had said that this song is best song for summer :)

Don't Be a Silent Reader Because You Have an Identity


Nurd Cullen' said...

unnieeee , you got the wrong person .
thant's not my blog .

darla carolina said...

@nurd - eh yeke ? malu -..- kne edit neyh . asal nmpk kyu jep mesti igt nurd . Aaaaaaaa eden ta check pulak tuh link tuh btol ke ta .