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30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 21

Annyeong haseyo.
Hello my lovely readers.
Let's proceed with the challenges.

Day 21 - Favorite FT Island album (design wise & music wise)

FT Island 30day Challenge
1) Name your FT Island bias.2) Name your FT Island OTP within the group.3) Name your FT Island OTP with a member from another group.4) Name your nicknames for each member of FT Island.5) Favorite FT Island Tweet.6) Favorite FT Island Star King moment.7) Favorite FT Island Star Golden Bell moment.8) Favorite FT Island Reality show.9) Favorite FT Island Interview.10) Favorite FT Island dance cover.11) Favorite FT Island rock ballad song.12) Favorite FT Island Engrish song.13) Favorite FT Island Japanese song.14) Favorite FT Island English cover.15) Favorite FT Island Kpop cover.16) Favorite FT Island song to cry to.17) Favorite FT Island song to dance to.18) Favorite FT Island song to lip-synch.19) Favorite FT Island song lyrics.20) You are about to fight someone. What FT Island song is playing in the background?21) Favorite FT Island album. (design wise & music wise)22) Favorite FT Island style concept. (for each member)23) Favorite FT Island hair styles. (for each member)24) Favorite FT Island selcas (for each member)25) Favorite FT Island gifs (for each member)26) If FT Island became animals, what animal would each member be?27) Write a love letter to FT Island or one of the members.28) Pair each member of FT Island with a member from another girl group.29) What would you do if you were able to spend a day with FT Island?30) Name the 12 songs that would make up your dream FT Island set list.
Credit: songseunghyun@tumblr
I love this gif damn much ! 
Actually they're already had more than five album. And mostly their album was greatly designed! Seriously I love all of their designs and them absolutely. 
Memory In FT Island - FT Island Remake Album 
The design is a bit different because they are using black and white as their main theme. Maybe because wanna match it with memory and remake. Perhaps :) I really love them in black and white. Especially my Hoonie Honey >< He looks so damn cool! Music that they're brings on this one are old song that already rearranged. All of five songs are great!
Like Birds
 My favourite from that album >< 
And this one too. Seriously all of them was really handsome on their jacket album. No doubt I never ever looking at other guys :D lol . Every time I looked at this cover album, my mind will automatically remind of this song
Hello Hello
Aaaaaaaaaaaa~ I love this one also! Okay fine, you may say that everything related with FT Island will be my love -.- but seriously that's a fact! Hahaha :D
Omoo Jinnie aahh ~ You reminds me of Hoonie with your licking lips ><
Okay till then ByeBye ♥

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