Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #13 | Hoonnie Binnie

Hello peeps.
Wednesday come again. Just make it wordless please :)
I would like to show this GIF since last week but didn't have proper time to update it.
They are totally cute for all of this time being :) Really love to watch them teasing each other like this. 
Okay then.
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥

One of my favourite MV, Let's watch it before leave.

Don't Be a Silent Reader Because You Have an Identity


♥ cik puan hongki ♥ said...

omg ! i miss him unnie.
suddenly feel like crying.
i miss seeing them playing together T__T

i rinduu singgah blog u jugak.
haihhh~ dah banyak u update pasal ft tp i xsempat2 lg nk bace..
wifi kat sini slow plak buat hal...haihh~ nanty i dtg jenguk u lg unnie ehh :))

darla carolina said...

miss binnie oppa and you too my dear ,I pown rndu tgok dorg . I punye ff kan ade Wonbin . tiap kali na tulis mesti nangis dlu klaw terbayang dy TT-TT Aaaaaaaa ~ tape , nnt you cuti , ari" update kay >< heee