Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday For Myself

Hello my lovely readers :)

Actually I wanna make this post yesterday but there's no time for it. And here I would like to thanks everyone that had wish for my birthday. Yeahh it was my birthday. My 21st birthday. You know what, I really wait for this day*really really mean it*. Being a 21 years-old and got independent from anything. Aaaaa~ At last I reach that age. Guys, once again, thanks for the wish! Really appreciate all of the wishes.
Hey hey, I've got three cakes this year. Seriously super awesome. One from The Zon (got it as a gift for my birthday as the community member) , second one from my mum and the other one from Cik Aziey, my housemate (with her beloved boyfie too). I LOVE THEM a lot lot lot! 
Click the picture for the rapid growth ><
Before this I had inform you earlier about being deactivated right. Okay just let it be. I had reactivated my facebook account for this three days just for get some wishes from you and seriously it really surprise me. I'd got more than 90++ wishes from facebookers. Aaaaaaaaa~ Last year I didn't get that much wishes from facebookers. I knew that I'm not the hot-stuff-person. But seriously I really appreciate all of that wishes even some of them just post "HB" on my wall. 
When I was on excited mood checking the wishes on my wall, I found one wish that really make me screeeeaaammmm! Aaaaaaaaaaa~ Aie SPIN wish for my birthday! Am I dreaming? \slapping my cheek/ Ohemmgeeeee! Aie, I LOVE YOU! Thanks for wishing my birthday ♥ See what happen to me just because of that two words. Almost crazy for 36 days \overreacted/. Looking forward for next birthday with hope :D
 The cake shown above is from Azilah and Ramzul. Thanks guys! Love both of you ><
 And this one was from my mum. 
Look at the candle >< Aaaa~ I am 21 already! Jyeahhh! Absolutely consider as an adult since this date. Omagaddd I love this feeling. What kinds of feeling? HAHAHA feeling of 21's person. I've got my independent key now :) 
By the way, Pyan had wish me three days earlier than he should. Erghh that boy -_______-" He really wanna be the first who wish for my birthday. LOL :D And the most funny thing is he really really wanna be the first person to wish me on my birthday. He do text me (after 12 am) but sad news he was the third. It's okay dude, I know you're the first one okay! And for those who had text me and wish it, thanks a lot guys!
My first picture on 21-years-old of mine ><
Errr just ignore that ugly face. Sleepy face without any make up on.

Okay guys, till then ByeBye ♥

p/s - Will deactivated \again/ my first account of facebook.
Hoonie Honey vs Gyu Gyu
Errr who'll win my heart ? Aaaaaaaaaa~ Gonna crazy for this.

Just feel like wanna put this MV here ><
Aaaaa~ That Gyugyu was damn cute

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Nick*Asyiqin said...

HB unnie♥~chomell

darla carolina said...

@nick - thanks :)

Nurd Cullen' said...

Woah , banyaknye kek .
Saengil Chukhahae .
eh eh , unnie pun tengah tengok fugitive plan b ? :D best gila ! //baruhabistengok//

darla carolina said...

@Nurd Cullen' - jellessss lettew kek unnie byk HAHA >< aah bru ep satu *angguk* hoho mmg best pown kann . tgok cut cut vid dy pown best sume . Rain wohooo ~♥