Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 18

Annyeong haseyo chingu :)
Hello my lovely readers
Just make it short for today.
Day 18 - Favorite FT Island song to lip-synch
Most of their song absolutely are the song to lip-synch for me. But the most favourite one is Lovesick. Their debut song :) The one which introduced FT Island to the whole world. Errr world? Asian? Okay fine whatever.
I love to lip-synch on chorus part and Wonbin rap part. Aaaaaaaaa ~ Lip-synch while my hand will move along with the music. Wonbin look so serious while singing his part and I miss that face.
Ohemmgee! His tounge, his lips, his soul //faint already.
He makes me fall in love with him on every time he look at me.
Nowadays, I love to fangirling and will do it again and again for the rest of my life.
Okay sounds stupid.
Till then ByeBye ♥

Let's dance to this song before leave ><

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