Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #14 | One-Shot Fan Fiction

Hello my lovely babes and dudes.
Wednesday again ><
Guess what? I'm gonna write on this one.
The story line already done. Just need to type it into my blog.
Wish me luck :) 
Till then ByeBye ♥

Don't forget to watch this before leave ><

Don't Be a Silent Reader Because You Have an Identity


♥ cik puan hongki ♥ said...

om0oo... ! ade my baby ~
haihhhh~ i mcm xsdap haty je.
knape ada hara tu unnie ??

darla carolina said...

@cik puan hongki - Aaaaaaaaa ~ cte neyh dtgnya ilham dri MV thunder, only one person dgn love bring man to the grave blahblahh tuh *bpe kali igt pown mesti lupe tajuk lagu tuh* Hara tuh watak pompan utama :DD HAHA

♥ cik puan hongki ♥ said...

ahahahaha..i tauuu.
lpas i bace intro you baru i pasan..
ahaahaha.. a man's first love follow him to the grave lahh unnie ^^
ahahaha..mmg tajunknye pjg gila ~ ahahaha.

darla carolina said...

@cik puan hongki - Haaa yg tu lahh . bpe kali ingat tah . lepas tuh mesti I lupe balek . tajuk lagu FTI paling panjang -.- A man's first love follow him to the grave . fuhh semput :DD HAHA mesti da bole agak kann jalan cerita dia .