Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days FT Island Challenges | Day 16

Annyeong haseyo
Hello my lovely readers.

Day 16 - Favorite FT Island song to cry to
I need to update everyday and finish this challenges no matter how busy I am.
I'll try to update it everyday -___-"
Actually there's a lot of FT Island's song to cry to but right now I am crying while listening to this song. I feel like OMG why I feel so depression and my tears keep burst out like the river while day is raining heavily. Even though I had listen to this song more than hundreds, it still makes me tearing T-T By the way I love both version of A Song For You. No matter either it is Japanese or Korean, it still FT Island song. 
A Song For You Original Ver
This one is Japanese version which mean the first version of A Song For You. The song is on track #5 in Prologue Japan Mini Album while the Won Bin is still a part of them and I really miss that moment. Every time I listen to this song, it will makes me reminds of him. Someone please upload some video of Won Bin for me! I really want to see him and how's he doing this day.
A Song For You - Korean Ver
Okay this one also makes me crying. Oh Goshhh! Both of this really turn me into a crazy women who like crying everyday. I do not have any idea to comment for this version. Both of them were sang by my treasures, so I'll really appreciate it. Sounds like this song are dedicated for me *okay it is not -__-" If you can feel my heart, you will know how much they are worth and valuable for me. That's why they're called five treasures island *even I wanna called them six treasures
FT Island! Please take care of yourself. Good luck for your new album. It will release on this 30th right. Can't wait for it! FT Island fighting! 
Hoonie Honey, there's no other can replace your place inside my heart. Please remain on your place here. Do not want to lose you forever and ever. *I do not know why am I doing this but I just feel like someone might stole him from me. Don't you ever take him from me! SERIOUSLY no kidding.
Till then.
See you guys next entry ByeBye ♥

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